How What We Know About Relationships Can Change Your Overeating

If you struggle with overeating or emotional eating, a piece of the puzzle that you might not consider is the way that you treat yourself. Food is a tricky little devil, and overeating and emotional eating crop up in all sorts of ways. We use eating as a means to take care of ourselves and … Read More

How to make up your mind to stop overeating

I used to believe that if I wanted to stop overeating or change my health or my weight, all I had to do was make up my mind to do it. Making up my mind was a simple thing – one decision. I’d clench my fists, screw up my determination and my just-do-it attitude, and … Read More

10 ways to outsmart a craving


You’ve probably had your fill of tips on how to deny or ignore a craving. Keeping busy and reminding yourself of your goal doesn’t really cut it when your brain is swirling with images of chocolate and peanut butter or a large order of French fries. Self-control might get you through a moment, but as … Read More

How to combine vacation, mindful eating, and peace with food

How you eat on vacation just might tell you why you’re spinning in circles with overeating. When it comes to overeating, vacation is something a lot of women approach like the holiday season. They see overeating as inevitable and vacation as a reason to hit pause on plans for tackling it. “Losing weight is on … Read More

5 steps to stop comfort eating at night

Resorting to comfort eating at night – hunkering down with a bowl of ice cream or a salty snack at the end of the day – is a pattern many smart, busy women struggle with. When you’ve worked hard all day, especially if there hasn’t been much time for you, it’s natural to want a reward, … Read More