10 reasons not to postpone self-care during tough times

The term “self-care” is tossed around a lot these days, but it’s not just a trendy or hollow concept. In fact, it’s an essential life skill that’s intimately connected to our health, happiness, and wellbeing. The presence or absence of quality self-care also dramatically impacts our leadership abilities, our confidence, our creativity, the strength of … Read More

The one thing you MUST do to stop emotional overeating

If you were asked to list everything you think you should, could, or might do to take control of your overeating or emotional eating, I’m betting you could fill a few lines (or perhaps a few pages). We’ve all heard more advice about healthy eating than we can possibly digest. But there’s one key strategy … Read More

How to turn your self-saboteur into your secret weapon

Does your self-saboteur show up when you start something new? Last week was the first live workshop for Where Thin Begins. Women from all over the world gathered in our virtual meeting room to carve out their path to lasting change and a life that actually feeds and nourishes their goals. I don’t know about you, … Read More

Self-care when you’re not in the mood

How to take great care of yourself when you don’t really want to I’m a work in progress. Even though I know, teach, and preach the fundamental essentialness of self-care, I’m far from perfect at it. I know that it’s what primes me to live my best life and show up to the toughest situations … Read More

A guide to the best planners for smart, busy women

My review of the best planners for 2017   My name is Melissa McCreery, and I have a bit of a planner addiction. I love researching the best planners, calendars, and tools that help with productivity, focus, and staying on track. Like most smart, busy women, I have a lot of big ideas and some big … Read More