10 easy ways to feed your soul this week

Fitting in me-time is a challenge for busy women. So is finding the time and energy to do the things that feed your soul, revitalize, and nourish you. Lots of very smart women feel stumped about how to reward themselves or add a bit of comfort to their lives – in a way that won’t … Read More


A few days ago a friend forwarded this video on to me from Youtube. It was posted by the Silver Grey Sports Club. I’m not a big video watcher, but if you want inspiration, this is it! Long story short, it’s so easy to make excuses, or to tell ourselves what we want to do … Read More

The glorification of busy – what’s it costing you?

Have you noticed how busy has become an auto-reply? As in: “How’ve you been?” “Busy.” Busy is acceptable. Busy is glorified. It creates all kind of associations like productive. Things are happening. In our busy world, we’re busy all the time. Even when we have a free moment, an “unproductive” few seconds of waiting, the … Read More

Be a Part of My Book Launch

I’ve done it. The Emotional Eating Rescue Plan for Smart, Busy Women is ready (!!!). Now I need your help! One of the most important ingredients in a happy, successful, healthy life is a high quality support system. It’s something I talk and coach about – a lot. It’s true for you. It’s true for … Read More