Creating change when nothing has worked

How to change overeating when othing has worked

What are you waiting for? We wait. We procrastinate because we’re overwhelmed or unsure of ourselves. We bog ourselves down in perfectionism and devise plans related to “the right time to start.” And we wait for the stars to align. We convince ourselves we aren’t ready, or we numb ourselves with busy work, online surfing, … Read More

How to stop overeating? Start here.

So many women I talk with are beyond sick and tired of battling the scale and their “self-control.” Their plans to stop overeating and lose weight have become battles of willpower and discipline that they can control for a while – until they either lose motivation, or get distracted, or feel like it’s just too … Read More

Taking back your power with hormones and weight

Are hormones affecting your weight, your eating, or your appetite? Your hormones are fundamental to who you are, how you feel, your energy, your metabolism, your hunger levels, your sexuality – and so much more. The relationship between hormones and weight is complex – and for many smart, busy women – it can be frustrating. … Read More