Do You Eat to Avoid Being Alone With Yourself?

Do you eat to avoid being alone with yourself?
Do you turn to food instead of really connecting with yourself? With your feelings? With your wants and fears and needs and even your dreams?
Too many women do.
The truth is, sometimes being alone is uncomfortable. And sometimes it’s lonely.
Loneliness or being uncomfortable being alone and in the moment (these are two different things) can be major causes of overeating and emotional eating.
Signs that you may be uncomfortable being alone with yourself:
  • You have a hard time sitting still.
  • You’re always multi-tasking, even when the things you are doing aren’t “must-dos.” For instance, you may always  watch TV or read a book when you eat.
  • You avoid spending time by yourself, even choosing activities you don’t really enjoy to avoid time alone.
  • You don’t do things you really want to do because you have no one to do them with and you worry what other people would think if you went by yourself.
  • You avoid looking in the mirror.
  • You’re always on the phone, or texting, or on Facebook and feel afraid of missing out if you tune out for awhile.
  • The TV is always on or there is always “background noise.” Silence feels uncomfortable.
If these signs ring a bell, it’s time to learn to be with you. It’s time to get more comfortable connecting with yourself and with your feelings. Guess what? When you learn to do this, you’ll also be in a much better position to take good care of yourself by responding to those feelings and needs and dreams—instead of using food or some other strategy that doesn’t really help at all.
Start with a practice of stopping, or taking time for yourself in small bits. If you aren’t sure how, my Put Yourself First 7 Day Blast-off helps you get into the groove with this in easy, do-able steps.
Here’s a great video by poet/song writer Tanya Davis about how to be alone–because if this is something you struggle with, you aren’t the only one:
Take good care,
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