Do You Overeat Because You Are Bored? Tips for Taking Control

Boredom eating, or eating because there’s “nothing to do” is a problem that many overeaters and emotional eaters struggle with. Many women overeat or even binge when they have empty space or time that they don’t know how to fill. If you are a boredom eater, here are some questions that might be helpful to ask and some tips for putting an end to boredom binges:

What is getting in the way of your NOT being bored?
What would it take to NOT feel the way you do?

Does it feel like there is nothing to do? When you think about what to do, do you come up empty? If so, it’s time to start generating a list of options for boredom that don’t include eating. Try brainstorming when you AREN’T bored and put the list somewhere where you can add to it.

Are you bored or tired? Many of my clients tell me that when they contemplate alternatives to boredom eating, they find they are too tired to do anything else. That’s not boredom—that’s exhaustion. Consider stopping your day and resting instead of eating. If that isn’t what you want to do then it’s important to start working on a list of alternatives to eating that don’t require effort or energy. Think baths, movies, reading. Don’t fall into the trap of expecting yourself to do a strenuous workout when you are tired and bored. It probably won’t work and you’ll find yourself back in the emotional eating trap again.

How do you want to feel? What is the alternative feeling (instead of boredom) that you are craving? Ask yourself whether you are looking for excitement or relaxation or social stimulation or something else. Once you know the feeling or state that you desire, it will probably be easier to brainstorm some alternatives to the ice cream you are trying to avoid.

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