Don’t forget what you already know

Here’s a common dilemma that a member of Your Missing Peace brought up on a recent coaching call. You might be able to relate.

This particular member of the program is smart and motivated. She’s an excellent problem solver, and being methodical and strategic is so comfortable for her that she can do it in her sleep. She’s a CFO, and she knows she’s good at what she does. She solves tough problems for a living.


She feels busy and overwhelmed and like there isn’t enough time for her to do the things she knows will help her stop overeating. It feels like she’s constantly making tradeoffs – skipping one thing for herself so that she can squeeze another thing in.

At the end of the day, she’s tired, there’s still more to do, and food feels like the treat and the comfort she deserves. She has struggled to break the cycle.

How is it that she can be so confident and successful in one area of her life and still be struggling to take charge of her eating and her weight?

Because the weight loss industry and the culture we live in don’t teach you to be a CEO (or a CFO) when it comes to changing your eating or your weight.

You’re taught to do what you’re told. Follow the “program.” Conform to what the charts and experts say “should work for you.”

And when the programs and plans fail, the expectation is that you blame yourself – for not trying hard enough or long enough, or for not being “different.”

What if you turned this upside down (like we do in Your Missing Peace)? What if you started by sitting down at the head of the boardroom table (as a CEO should) and taking your power back?

What if you had tools and strategies to help you reconnect with the confident version of yourself so that you could solve this problem in the way that fits you – using the smarts and the competence that you so masterfully demonstrate in all the other areas of your life?

When you learn how to be and to think like the CEO of your well-being, everything changes.

Instead of bowing to “shoulds” and rules (or rebelling against them), you learn to make decisions and set policies that feel right to you.

You get to evaluate what works and what doesn’t.

You have permission to run a cost-benefit analysis and make sure the way you’re eating and the results you’re seeing fit you and feel sustainable.

You get to ditch the self-blame, the self-sabotage, the unrealistic pressure.

And you get to leverage all the strengths and smarts and natural abilities that you bring to this game.

When we had this conversation in the program last week, I asked our CFO whether she realized how different her CFO persona was from the one who has struggled with her eating. Shifting from “how I think and act when I focus on wanting to lose weight” to “how I think when I walk into the room as the CFO” created a big shift – and some immediate ideas about how to tackle her dilemma.

Spoiler alert: You can bet, we’re going to continue to use this shift in mindset and attitude to create even bigger changes.

Want to turn the diet game upside down? Want to take your power back? Want to be the CEO or the CFO or the Queen of your well-being? That’s how we do it in Your Missing Peace and I’d love to have you join me.

What will you do as the CEO of your well-being today?

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