emotional eating rescue plan for smart busy women book

The 28-Day Plan to Take Control of Emotional Eating

Imagine a life where you don’t overeat and you are in control of your cravings

Psychologist Dr. Melissa McCreery outlines a day-by-day rescue plan for emotional eating and overeating designed specifically for high-performing, busy women ready to take control of their eating and their weight. Based on thousands of hours of work with smart women struggling to stop overeating, this 28 day plan walks you through the steps to:

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    Take control of stress eating, comfort eating, and other types of emotional eating
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    Stop feeling frustrated with yourself, and let go of guilt and shame
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    Discover what you really crave and how to really feed and nurture yourself (without food)
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    Create solutions that don't leave you feeling hungry and deprived

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Jennifer Louden

“This is a book you will write in, cry on, and take into the bath. This is a book that has the power to change your relationship to food and emotional eating – forever. Read it and free yourself to be fully and wholly who you are meant to be.” Jennifer Louden, author of The Woman’s Comfort Book and The Life Organizer.

In The Emotional Eating Rescue Plan, You'll Discover


Learn a new approach to hunger and to feeding yourself, so that you aren't dependent on willpower or self-discipline to stop overeating and discover how to side-step feelings of guilt, shame, and self-blame.


Learn to about Instead Strategies, and how to craft a plan for what to do instead of overeating that fits the challenge you are facing.


Follow the step-by-step plan to identify what your emotional eating rescue plan requires to be successful.


Set a course for lasting success - one that takes into account the challenges, hurdles, and realities of your life.

About the Author: Melissa McCreery, PhD

Dr. Melissa McCreery focuses on the three Os that ambush successful, high-performing women—overwhelm, overload and overeating. A clinical psychologist, she is the founder of TooMuchOnHerPlate.com, a consulting company providing busy women the programs and resources they need to take control of stress and overeating and add more ease, success, and joy to their health, their businesses, and their lives.

Melissa’s approach to helping working mothers, busy professionals, and stressed out business owners has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Weight Watchers Magazine, Good Housekeeping, Working Mother, Fitness, Women’s Health, Real Simple,  Self and The Huffington Post


What readers are saying


        Lorie Marrero,

Creator of The Clutter Diet®

“If you’ve been stuck on the weight loss hamster wheel, your brain is probably full of clutter – advice and strategies that just don’t work for you or your busy life. Dr. McCreery’s book helps you organize and take control of your relationship with food once and for all, allowing the other pieces of your life to fall into place. It all makes perfect sense!”

        Maria Brilaki

Author of Surprisingly Unstuck

“If you struggle with emotional eating, then this book will help you untangle your actions from your feelings. Here's why this is important.

When you eat, you often don't know why. You're then left feeling guilty about eating, blaming yourself for your actions. In this charged emotional state, it's hard to find out exactly what's going on behind the scenes and why you're eating.

This book is gonna put an end to that. It offers a step by step plan to understand exactly where your emotional eating is coming from. It's specific and practical, and guides you without even a hint of judgment. Once clarity comes in then it's easy to alter those behaviors - and yes, save yourself from some unnecessary calories too.

Absolutely recommended.

I have finally found the help I needed. I am so, so thankful. In this book, Dr. Melissa McCreery has given me the guidance and help I have needed for so, so long. Unlike my past methods and beliefs, this book is not about "not eating" and "depriving myself" or "controlling myself". It is just the opposite! It is about giving myself all the nourishment I truly need, in all areas of life. I am learning how to "feed" my needs appropriately, without going to food, and I love it. I feel so much more nourished in all areas, and I am so happy. We don't have to feed our emotions and feelings with food - Dr. McCreery leads us step by step in learning how to stop, identify our emotions and feelings, and nourish ourselves appropriately, and it is so much more satisfying than the food. If you think you overeat or eat emotionally, I encourage you to get the hard copy of this book. Underline like crazy, use post it book marks, make notes all over the place. It will be your lifeline, and you will turn to it again and again, and you will learn to be happy and nourished, without the extra food.”

Truly the key to unlock your diet mindset. As a Fitness enthusiast and busy business woman, I often found myself binge eating. Unsure of why and knowing I could not just quit my job so I can eliminate stress, I decided to follow Melissa on Facebook, watch her videos and read this book to learn how to identify what was triggering my self defeating patterns. I highly recommend your read this guide if any of what I have described to you sounds familiar! Now when I find myself standing in the kitchen shoveling chips in my mouth I can stop and say, hey am I really hungry, or do I really need something else Iike rest, a hot bath, a book or a friend.”

Worth every minute. I appreciate the do-able action items I can use on a daily basis. I like that the entire book can be applied to various people and their specific issues. I didn't feel like there were any parts that didn't apply to me. Truly the answer with a plan to back it up.”

Enlightening! A program that helps you understand why you turn to food for every emotional situation you encounter (and seldom because you're actually, physically hungry) and how to change your mindset to use food for fuel - like thin people! Eating when you're truly hungry, having anything you want (yes!), stopping when full (physically full - this is the enlightening part!) really works. Suddenly your full-time focus on food, disappears and you're on your way to a thinner, healthier you."

I am able to make peace with food...finally...a must read! As someone who has struggled with losing the last 10-15 pounds of weight for years, this book addresses why I haven't been able to succeed. I can honestly tell you, I have made peace with food and my body. I am a great deal closer to reaching my ideal body weight than I have ever been because of how Melissa McCreery, Ph.D. approaches the subject. It was frustrating why I could succeed in so many other areas of my life and not the one of making peace with food. This book is a must read and one that I refer back to when I start back into old habits. It is a journey and this book is one that I am glad to have with me!”

emotional eating rescue plan book

Make peace with food and take control of e​​​​motional eating, following the daily, step-by-step guide

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