Emotional Eating Tip: Don’t downplay the little things.

42-15614989When we feel off track or out of control or out of our routine, it’s easy to fall into overwhelm. When things are not going smoothly, it often feels like a very big deal to start getting back on track. Sometimes it seems like such a big deal that we have a hard time getting back into action.

It really doesn’t have to be that way.

The truth is, it’s not big dramatic actions that indicate whether we are on or off track—whether we are moving in the direction we want to be. Ninety-nine percent of the time, it’s our attention to the little things that indicate how we are doing.

By little things, I’m referring to those small consistent actions that help us thrive; things like packing a lunch, taking vitamins, spending ten minutes a day writing in a journal. Little deliberate acts like pausing before you head off to the vending machine to ask yourself whether you are really hungry or whether you are stressed. Taking five minutes in the morning to think about where you will fit in a walk or some playtime.

In my Emotional Eating Toolbox program, I ask clients to think about their “non-negotiables” the must-do things that keep their life running smoothly. Usually, these are small consistent things—they are different for everyone—that fuel you, allow you to function at your best, and that makes YOU feel like you.

I recommend you take some time today to make a list of the little things that help you be your best. These little things might involve planning around food or exercise, or they may be things that bring you peace like having a clean kitchen or ironing your clothes, or taking time each day to do some mindless reading. Are you downplaying these small actions? Is there anything you would benefit from paying more attention to or anything that has slipped off your radar?

Make the adjustments. It won’t take very long at all, but tracking those small essentials is actually what usually makes the difference.

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