Emotional Eating Tip: Is Your Spirit Being Fed?

So often, when women want to lose weight, they focus on what they don’t want to do.  Don’t eat dessert, don’t snack in front of the TV, don’t take second helpings. The truth is, one of the important keys to weight loss success is to have a clear plan for what you will do. Overeating and weight gain are often caused by turning to food to meet needs and address feelings other than physical hunger.

If you want to avoid turning to food at the end of a hard day or not overindulge when you are stressed or tired or bored, one tip you’ll want to act on is to make a list of the activites and experiences that feed your soul and that are not food.

My list includes my outdoor runs in the woods and by the water, time alone, great books, laughing, music, time with the people I love, and time in beautiful places.  When I feed my soul these things regularly, the habits I don’t want to fall into seem much less appealing and important.  I feel “full” and well fed.

What feeds your soul?

Leave a comment and share your thoughts.

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