Emotional Eating Tip of the Week: VOTE!

There is something I say so often that my coaching clients can probably quote it in their sleep. “When things feel out of control, focus on taking care of what you CAN control.” This is a much more effective strategy than our tendency to try to avoid or muffle what’s going on by overeating and creating an ice cream-induced coma.

There are so many things around us today that may feel out of our control and that are contributing to the stress and worry that we carry. Here (again) is my advice: “When things feel out of control, focus on taking care of what you CAN control.”

I am blessed to have been raised by parents who are passionate about taking an active role in the world we live in. They have taught me a lot about my ability to be effective in the world. One of the basic ways I—and you—can do this is by voicing our opinion. We can make a difference by stating what we want. A powerful way to do this is by voting.

When we don’t know what to do, sometimes it’s extremely helpful to focus on what we DO know. So, if you know who and what you want to vote for—vote. If you still have questions, do your research, ask your questions, go online. Vote. If you need more encouragement watch this nonpartisan effort to get you into action (note: this video is PG-13 and includes Borat. I take no responsibility for his warped sense of humor. If he offends you, skip the last 30 seconds of the video).

Take good care (and vote),


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