Emotional Eating Help for Busy Women

How to take charge of overeating when you have too much on your plate

Stress eating, comfort eating, even boredom eating—they can sabotage a smart, busy woman’s weight loss plans faster than anything. Emotional eating is one of the biggest reasons for overeating and weight gain.

And if you don’t have effective emotional eating solutions, you can’t just “knock it off.”

If you don’t have real emotional eating solutions, there isn’t enough willpower in the world to stay motivated and on track for the long haul.

Contrary to what many burnt-out chronic dieters may believe, it’s definitely not hopeless. There are simple steps you can take to start to break free from emotional eating today.

How to Take Charge of Emotional Eating and Overeating

Sadly, most of us have been trained to try to cope with emotional eating by relying on willpower, determination, and a tough attitude. At the same time, we’re also constantly being encouraged to use food to feel good, cope with a rough day, or energize ourselves when we are stressed out, too busy, or just feeling sad.

Did you know there are effective emotional eating solutions and strategies that can help you create a lasting peace with food?

Here are my top free emotional eating resources to get you started:

Getting Started: The keys to breaking free from emotional eating

Emotional eating is a common struggle for working moms, successful professionals and business owners, and busy women in general. While it may be sabotaging your weight loss, your struggle with food does not make you a loser. Stop beating yourself up and find out why you’ll be more successful if you tackle emotional eating with compassion and respect. Read this and start applying these must-do strategies for breaking free from emotional eating.


Don’t let stress eating sabotage your weight loss or healthy eating

Knowing that you want to eat less or stick with healthy eating tips is one thing. Figuring out how NOT to overeat when you’re overloaded, overwhelmed, and just-plain-stressed-out is another.

Read this and find out ten things you can do instead of stress eating.


How to custom-fit emotional eating solutions to your busy life

Can’t figure out how to create alternatives to emotional eating that will meet your needs and fit your busy life?

Click here to learn simple steps to individualizing your approach to emotional eating triggers.


How to break the vicious cycle that leaves smart women struggling with emotional eating

Yes, you can be superwoman in the rest of your life and still feel like you have no control with a bag of chips. In fact, it’s pretty common.

Read this right away to find out what is sabotaging some of the smartest, savviest women when it comes to taking control of emotional eating and overeating.


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