Emotional eating help: are you making things too hard?

smart_solutions_to_overeatingIn my free training videos, The Smart Solutions to Overeating Series, I cover some of the critical pieces that no one is talking about when it comes to making changes that last with how you eat, with emotional eating, and with the scale. The ground I cover in this series isn’t what many people expect. Much of the feedback I’ve received is about how this series is making viewers think in new ways, try new approaches, and have surprising “aha moments” that are creating big changes.

Ninety-nine percent of our problems with how we eat and overeat aren’t going to be solved by focusing on food itself. And yet, that’s exactly what the professionals who help with nutrition and weight loss, diabetes, and health-related issues tend to focus on what to eat.

The solution to overeating isn’t found in the food, it’s in understanding why food has developed magnetic properties in your life—why the food is so compelling and difficult to resist.

There’s another important piece that way too many women miss, and it’s costing them dearly.

Before you jump into another round of “I’m going to eat healthier/lose weight/give up sugar/stop snacking/yadda yadda yadda,” stop and ask yourself one critical question.

“Why haven’t I been successful with this so far?”
Why have your efforts failed, your plans gotten sidetracked, or your goals forgotten? Note: when you ask yourself this question, you aren’t allowed to cast aspersions upon yourself.
No calling yourself lazy (we know you aren’t) or unmotivated or lacking in determination.
The question to ask is “Why?”

  • Why couldn’t you stay motivated?
  • What threw you off track?
  • What was it about the plan or your approach that just didn’t fit with your life?
  • What tools were you missing?
  • What got in your way?

There’s a very good chance peace with food doesn’t have to be as hard as you’re making it.

If there are aspects of your lifestyle that tend to lead to overeating, you don’t get brownie points (bad pun) for powering through them and telling yourself to be stronger.

You get off the weight-loss roller coaster and create enduring results when you address the reasons you haven’t been successful in the past.

Your travel schedule, your night owl tendencies, that stressful job and your hectic mornings – as well as the fact that you don’t really like chicken breasts – these things all count. They aren’t irrelevant details. In fact, this is incredibly valuable data that you can use to start seeing results (and results that will actually last).

The secret to creating success (and lasting results) when it comes to overeating and emotional eating is to create a customized, tailored approach that honors who you are and what your life looks like. Without asking, and honoring, the question “Why haven’t I succeeded?” Your relationship with food will likely always be a struggle.

When you DO ask it, Peace with Food becomes possible.

Take good care,

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