Ready to Stop 
Overeating and Emotional Eating?

The Best Approach to Creating Lasting Change is
Creating the Right Habits

If you're like a lot of smart, busy women, you're tired of going in circles with overeating and emotional eating - creating results that simply don't last

The key to lasting change lies in creating new habits.  Habits that become automatic and feel natural; habits that address the reasons you were reaching for food in the first place.

Habits that address your stress, your needs, feed your soul, and nourish you better than overeating ever did.

Habits that naturally lead you away from things like stopping, starting over, and getting stuck, and move you toward vibrant wellbeing, health, and thriving.

When this happens, overeating habits lose their power. Cravings disappear. The urge to overeat goes away.

The thing is, there's a strategy to identifying and implementing the new habits that will work for you. There's a science behind creating habits that will last; and there are powerful mindset tools and shifts that can make everything much easier.

When you have a lot on your plate, it can be next to impossible to see a different way of doing things. It can be challenging to sustain your focus and momentum, and it's easy to get discouraged or quit when you feel like you're struggling with overeating all alone. This is exactly why I've created a step-by-step system to walk you through the process.

The Emotional Eating Toolbox approach to ending overeating doesn't tax your willpower or leave you hungry

Replace Overeating with Something Better

Learn to create new habits that work better than overeating (so you lose your urge to overeat) and discover the secret to making these habits feel like second nature.

Stop Overeating Without Feeling Deprived or Hungry

Discover a better way of creating change that doesn't leave you overwhelmed (and falling off track).

No More Falling Off Track Because You're Busy or Overwhelmed

Create a customized approach to your overeating and emotional eating challenges that really fits you, and your life. 

Building new, lasting habits requires smart, systematic strategy (don't worry - smart and strategic don't mean difficult).

Science is clear. If you want to permanently lose old bad habits, you need new, sustainable habits to replace them. The best way to build new, lasting habits? It’s choosing habits strategically – so they meet your needs as well as the old overeating habit did, and so they are something you’ll actually want to keep doing.

Here's your smart recipe for success:

  • Straightforward training on how to strategically create better habits with overeating and its related challenges - topics and tools specifically designed for smart, busy women.
  • Accountability - the gentle and consistent nudges that keep you focused and true to your goals and commitment to succeed.
  • Support - a safe place to ask questions, get feedback, and shout your wins out to an appreciative, like-minded crowd.
  • A “practice not perfection” pacing plan that moves forward at a pace you can stick with, plans for mistakes and slips, and pulls you back on track when you stray (because we all do)
  • Just the right amount of mindset strategy to help you steer clear of perfectionism, procrastination, shame, self-blame, chronic exhaustion, and avoid the other ways smart, busy women can sabotage their results.

The Emotional Eating Toolbox Program


10 Strategic Training Courses to Build Powerhouse Habits

Each month you'll receive targeted training designed to help you implement new, better habits in key areas. We'll target overeating where it starts. Topics include Stress Eating, Mindless Eating, How to Stop Overeating for Comfort and Overeating at Night, Emotional Eating and more.


The Emotional Eating Toolbox is easy to use and implement

Each month your 7-day plan will unfold step-by-step, with daily reminder emails, daily strategy and training (usually a short, targeted video), and daily action sheets that guide you through your next actions.


You'll be supported in our 
private community

Feeling stuck or unmotivated – or stretching outside your comfort zone? Hop on over to the member’s-only online lab where members and I can give you feedback and help you stay accountable

The Emotional Eating Toolbox is designed to create more ease in your life - instead of adding more stress

Already feeling busy and overwhelmed? I hear you. Not only is this probably contributing to overeating, it can make change challenging. Tired of getting too busy or overwhelmed and falling off track? The Emotional Eating Toolbox program is designed to help you end habits of falling off track and endlessly restarting (sometimes with negative results).

I do this with something called Practice Not Perfection Pacing. You’re going to love it.

Every four weeks you'll receive a brand new 7-day plan (see the topics below). Over seven days, you’ll tackle new daily action steps and start putting new habits into place. Then, after the training is over, you’ll have three weeks to “experiment” and see what happens, catch up if you need to, and check in along the way in our private Lab community.

Some new habits will fit easily and comfortably, some will feel awkward, and will take practice, sometimes you’ll even fall off track (it happens to all of us – we’re human!). It’s all good. Because, three weeks later when the next program is released, you’ll start again, working on a new topic, with habits that overlap what you’ve already practiced, and habits and strategies that approach things from a different angle.

Over time:

  • You’ll learn the value of practice not perfection – imperfect results will add up.
  • You’ll discover the new habits and approaches that fit you the best.
  • You’ll learn how to stay motivated and how to leap frog from one success to another.
  • A step-by-step plan where you always know your next step. A plan that moves you forward at a pace you want to stick with .
  • You’ll learn how to make new habits easy and comfortable, and how to use them to replace your old struggles with food.

What has changed as a result of participating in this program? My whole way of thinking about weight loss and self-care! Tiny steps make big things happen . . .I absolutely recommend this program. It is just such a big change to the traditional way we as a society approach weight loss. This is perfect for the person who is ready to make real change and not feel guilty along the way. - K. Emotional Eating Toolbox Participant

What You'll Get When You Join:

Here's What's Included:

10 Months of Smart, Strategic Training on Breaking Overeating Habits; 10 months of Step-by-step Program Delivery: Your first program begins the Monday following your registration! The monthly training programs are listed below. Click the image for more details on each module. $970 value. 

journaling habit for weight loss

The Tools You Need to Build Easier Success

Lifetime access to Downloadable Action Sheets, Templates, Cheat Sheets, and Guides to accompany and personalize your training. You'll return to these over and over. Your materials will be paced in a way designed to encourage building successful, long term habits and staying in action.

Practice Not Perfection Pacing

Constant "doing" only leads to burnout. The Finish Line is designed to help you achieve more, by doing less. You'll learn from what goes well and from the places you lose motivation or make a choice you don't love. There's also plenty of time built into The Finish Line for you to digest what you're learning, fine tune it, and learn how rest days actually make you stronger. :-)

12 Month Membership in The Lab, my Private Online Community

I'm active in The Lab, providing feedback, and on-the-spot coaching. This is the place to go to find accountability partners, ask questions, share your wins and challenges, and grow a powerful support network. $997 value

Total Value: $2964.00

The best parts of the program are the video trainings. Melissa teaches in a way that makes everything so much easier than it sounds in my own head. Complications disappear. Everything is perfectly balanced. Video, printouts and Facebook support. This program makes self-improvement into a fun adventure, and not something that you feel forced into . . . I loved all the modules. They get right to the heart of things. Like Dr. Melissa can read my mind. – M, Emotional Eating Toolbox Participant

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I really identified with 'the only reward being a food reward'. That was me in the past, I always thought I was too busy or money needed to be spent elsewhere. I have appreciated the format of one week of training and three weeks to practice. I believe that this is my “last plan” because it is possible and I am changing a little bit by a little bit every day.  —Karen, Emotional Eating Toolbox Participant

Like the Cha-Cha, steps forward and back, this course uses all your steps to help you learn a new life dance. From encouragement to be curious about progress or lack of it, and tools to challenge the old stories we tell ourselves, to maps to transform those thoughts into better fitness in our life, this course is awesome! A much needed jump start to a transformation for a new, healthier relationship with myself. — Kim, Emotional Eating Toolbox Participant

I can't thank Dr. Melissa enough for this very precious gift that benefits every area of my life. — C, Emotional Eating Toolbox Participant

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Our Guarantee

I’m 100% certain that the Emotional Eating Toolbox Series has the power to transform your habits. If after completing the first course in the series, you don’t think the Emotional Eating Toolbox Series is worth every penny you’ve paid, just let me know within 30 days of your purchase and I’ll give you a full refund. Click here for our complete satisfaction policy

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