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Your Complete Plan for Losing Overeating Habits

  • 10 Months of Training (10 Unique Programs);10 months of Practice, Not Perfect Pacing, and Step-by-step Program Delivery $970 value. Your first program begins the Monday following your registration!
  • 12 Month Membership in The Lab, my Private Online Community $997 value
  • Downloadable Action Sheets, Templates, Cheat Sheets, and Guides to accompany and personalize your training
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    Early Action Bonus: Live Group Training Workshop with Dr. Melissa McCreery (attend online or by phone - recordings included)
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    Bonus: Kickstart Video Series
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    Bonus: Daily Habit Tracker

I can't thank Dr. Melissa enough for this very precious gift that benefits every area of my life.

Like the Cha-Cha, steps forward and back, this course uses all your steps to help you learn a new life dance. From encouragement to be curious about progress or lack of it, and tools to challenge the old stories we tell ourselves, to maps to transform those thoughts into better fitness in our life, this course is awesome! A much needed jump start to a transformation for a new, healthier relationship with myself.

I really identified with 'the only reward being a food reward'. That was me in the past, I always thought I was too busy or money needed to be spent elsewhere. I have appreciated the format of one week of training and three weeks to practice. I believe that this is my “last plan” because it is possible and I am changing a little bit by a little bit every day.

Melissa McCreery, PhD LLC

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