Emotional Eating Solutions and Overeating Help

Emotional Eating Help in all Shapes and Sizes . . .

The Emotional Eating Rescue Plan for Smart, Busy Women

Emotional Eating 3D coverAre you an emotional eater? Diets and willpower won’t help, but making peace with food changes everything. Psychologist Dr. Melissa McCreery outlines a day-by-day rescue plan for emotional eating and overeating designed specifically for high-performing, busy women ready to take control of their eating and their weight. Based on thousands of hours of work with smart women struggling to stop overeating, this 28 day plan walks you through the steps to:

  • Take control of stress eating, comfort eating, and other types of emotional eating
  • Say goodbye to guilt, shame, and feeling frustrated with yourself
  • Discover what you really crave and how to really feed yourself
  • Create solutions that don’t leave you feeling hungry and deprived
  • Design your recipe for lasting weight loss – even when you are busy and have a lot on your plate.

Dr. McCreery’s book, The Emotional Eating Rescue Plan for Smart, Busy Women,is now available. Go here to get your copy.

The Get OVER Overeating 7 Day Jump-start


The 7 Day Jump-start is not a Diet Plan. It’s a Plan for Success

  • Get your mojo back
  • Discover what inspires you
  • Get clear on what you need to really truly leave overeating behind.
  • When you commit to the 7 Day Jumpstart, you will receive daily, do-able action steps. Daily emails, audios (short and sweet), templates, handouts, and other tools will literally walk you through the process of taking charge of your overeating and charting your path for ongoing success.

Go here to learn more and get started right away.

The Peace with Food Program

pwf header slideMy six week program for creating your individualized path to Peace with Food

Stop dieting and start living. Find out how to take control of overeating and emotional eating in a lasting way – without relying on willpower and determination!

The Peace with Food Series is for you if you are ready to:

  • Discover the key to your overeating—and use it to take the power back from food
  • Get back the freedom to really savor and enjoy food – guilt free
  • Gain the ability to stop with one – one taste, one piece of chocolate, or one handful of chips
  • Gain a step-by-step process to take control of overeating, emotional eating, and cravings and become peaceful with food
  • Bring more play and fun into your life – and learn why this is SO important for weight loss
  • Learn how to say yes instead of depriving yourself and expecting yourself to go without all the time
  • Create a life that fulfills you – so you don’t have to fill it with food
  • Discover how you can break free from food obsession, guilt, and shame
  • Appreciate, enjoy, and have fun in the body that you have NOW
  • Discover how to reward yourself, comfort yourself, and cope with feelings like frustration, hurt, and sadness without turning to food.

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