Break the Comfort Eating Habit
The 7-Day Program on How to Soothe without Food

Break the Comfort Eating Habit
Discover how to Soothe without Food

If you're comfort eater, you don't have a discipline problem. You have a habit that isn't working for you.

Comfort eating happens when food, and overeating, become a substitute for what you, or your spirit are really needing, wanting, or craving (let's face it, food is easy, accessible, convenient, and these days, you can eat almost everywhere).

Over time, the comfort eating habit can become so ingrained, it almost feels like it happens on autopilot.

Guess what? To break the comfort eating habit, you need new, better habits - and I'm not talking about "tough love" boot camp instructor kind of habits where you get better at being tough, restricting yourself, and breathing fire and discipline. That's (at best) a short term solution - and it's the recipe for feeling deprived, frustrated, and miserable.

Welcome to the 7-day program where you'll learn new habits that really, truly help you soothe - without food.

Over the 7-days of  Break the Comfort Eating Habit, you'll learn:

  • When and why comfort eating has been such a problem for you - and what you need to get unstuck
  • Whether your thinking is triggering overeating - and new habits to turn that around
  • New plans, strategies, rituals, and habits for coping with discomfort and for comforting yourself without food
  • Practical strategies for in-the-moment "comfort emergencies" and a plan for coping in the longer term
  • How self-compassion can help with comfort eating (and how to be more compassionate with yourself)
  • A new habit (or a few) to prevent comfort eating from "sneaking up on you"
  • How to build confidence about tackling overeating and decrease guilt, shame, and frustration

Here's what's inside The Break The Comfort Eating Habit 7-Day Program:

Your Habit Building Jumpstart consists of seven days of training and do-able action-oriented steps. Your daily training usually consists of a short video, a clear set of action steps, and downloadable guides that walk you through the steps you'll be taking. Each day you'll be creating, practicing, and reinforcing new habits, approaches, and ways of thinking that are designed to create success.

With lifetime access to the materials in this program, you can revisit the training as often as you'd like and use the tools included to cement new learning and habits into your life - in a way that works for you. I encourage you to spend the week absorbing the training and taking the action steps as designed. Then, spend the next three weeks of the month practicing, and reinforcing what you've learned.

Your Break the Comfort Eating Program Agenda:

Prepare Your Mind to Leave Comfort Eating Behind

Assess your need for comfort, potential mindset blocks, and gain clarity on stories about comfort that might be triggering or contributing to overeating with the Comfort Eating Questionnaire. You'll also add a powerful daily habit to your toolbox.

  • Where to begin when you want to end comfort eating habits
  • Mindset and beliefs – what you need to know to start strong
  • Take action with a new core habit that helps with comfort eating
  • Prepping your mind – the first step to building a success mindset

Discovering what Comfort is, if it isn't Food

When you want to stop comfort eating, the solution needs to be much more than “take a bubble bath.” Today you’ll find out how to get to the bones of your, personal and detailed definition of comfort and the precise description of what you need to take your power back from comfort eating.

  • “Getting comfortable” with comfort
  • New ways to get clarity about what you need (and how to comfort yourself without food)
  • Your own personally tailored guide to what comfort is and isn’t

What to do Instead of Comfort Eating

Use the Comfort Eating Strategy Planner and my Comfort Strategy Checklist to zero in on what works for you and put your strategic plan in place.

  • Craft your own experimental comfort strategies using the Comfort Eating Strategy Planner
  • Discover the importance of mapping your comfort eating - this is key!
  • Explore unexpected comfort strategies
  • Get a short, sweet, strategy checklist to ensure that your new habits are moving you in the most effective direction to end comfort eating

What to do About Comfort Eating on Autopilot

Discover the Pause Planner and how to use it to address one of the most common (and overlooked) places that comfort eating shows up.

  • How to break habits of comfort eating on autopilot
  • New habits that help you move from unconscious to proactive and in control with your eating
  • The importance of a Pause Plan and how to create one

Self-sabotage and Comfort Eating

Today you'll tackle self-sabotage and mindset blocks that may be continually pulling you back to comfort eating. You’ll learn a powerful way to reset your mindset and rewrite the story you have about food and comfort.

  • Examples of how stories can encourage us to comfort eat and can trigger overeating
  • Writing a new story about food and eating that can help you create success

Customizing Your Approach to Comfort Eating

The Power of Customization: How to deal with comfort eating when the difficult situation is one you can’t fix.

  • Your next step forward – no matter how things have gone so far
  • How (and why) to use imperfection, curiosity, and compassion to customize your path to end comfort eating
  • The micro and macro approach to end comfort eating and why you’ll want some of each

Releasing the Need to Sooth with Food

Forecasting into the future. You'll put the pieces in place for lasting success and endurance with the new skills, tools, strategies, and ways of thinking you’ve just put into place.

  • Why we should stop talking about “comfort eating”
  • Your final step in rewriting your story of comfort, eating, and your relationship with food
  • Extending the work you’ve done into the future

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Creator of the course:

Melissa McCreery, PhD

Psychologist, emotional eating coach, success strategist and mentor Dr. Melissa McCreery uses her expertise and years of training and experience to help women break through the unhelpful static and identify what’s really driving their hunger.

She's the author of The Emotional Eating Rescue Plan for Smart, Busy Women, and the founder of where her programs and products help you craft a path to feed – nourish – yourself in ways that are so much more satisfying than food. 

Dr. Melissa helps create habits that last and that you are motivated to continue. When you discover how to take the power away from food, the struggle dissolves. When you learn to make peace with food, your whole life gets better.

Limited Time Offer:

Due to the digital nature of the materials you are purchasing, all sales are final.

Here's what customers have to say about my 7-day programs:

I’m on to you, overeating! You can’t get me now!

“I am sending my friends and relatives who need you to your website! I have the tools now, and I kind of feel like, ‘I’m on to you, overeating! You can’t get me now!’ ... I’m actually starting to lose weight, which I’ve been trying to do for the last 20 years. I’ve moved off a plateau I’ve been at for months. I am thrilled to report that 30 days after starting your program I’ve lost 8 lbs. .. Thanks for truly being a REAL expert in this area.” - Chante

For the first time in about 40 years I looked at those cookies and only saw objects.

“Thank you, Melissa. The work you are doing is excellent and it gets results. The Get OVER Overeating Jumpstart is quick, easy to follow and teaches me practical and effective strategies to customize to my particular situation. I have tried lots of diets and programs but this is the first one where I can see positive results, in a short period of time. … Last night a family member opened a packet of cookies and I decided I should put them away into a container. For the first time in about 40 years I looked at those cookies and only saw objects. There was no emotional hook in them for me!” - Lynn

I look forward to each day's recording! ...

“I'm getting up early because I look forward to each day's recording! Remembering them through my day keeps me relaxed, focused, and positive.” - Lisa

I feel mentally nourished ...

“I feel mentally nourished after finishing the 7-day jumpstart. I actually feel renewed and ready to shed extra pounds, shed negative emotions towards food, and embrace the true reasons behind my eating. I now deal with my emotions appropriately rather than go straight towards food. It's really amazing how your gentle guiding lessons asked just the right questions to allow me to figure out what the underlying issues really were.” - Taylor

Limited Time Offer:

Due to the digital nature of the materials you are purchasing, all sales are final.

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