Emotional Eating Help Video Tip #6: A Tool for Feelings

toomuchonherplate.tvEmotional eating and overeating happens when you are using food to cope with feelings.

Do you ever feel like your brain is going to short-circuit because of all the thoughts, feelings, and responsibilities swirling around inside it? Do you wish you had an “off switch” that could switch off your thinking?

Breaking free from emotional eating means learning new, better ways of coping. This short, simple video tip is about how to unclutter or download your brain. Use this tool to help get clear about emotional eating triggers and to start building new skills so you can be more effective.

Take good care,

Melissa McCreery

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Emotional Eating Coaching Program

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If you’re a smart, busy, high-achiever who’s tired of going in circles with overeating and emotional eating, and you're ready to create results that last, check out The Club today!

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