Eugene, Big Goals, and Putting Yourself First

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and, for all who nurture others, I hope your Mother’s Day was divine! So many women put forth a ton of energy caring for others. While that’s a beautiful thing, I ask my clients to consider what their lives would be like if they directed that same compassion and care towards themselves. The truth is, taking excellent care of YOU benefits both you AND those you care most about because when you are thriving, you have so much more to share with the world.

A little over a week ago, I shared with my newsletter subscribers that I was going on a road trip. I’ve been touched by those of you who have contacted me and asked about it. If you received that email, you may remember that I set off with a group of friends to run the Eugene Half Marathon. We had a blast! What I didn’t share (I was too nervous), was that last February I had set a big AUDACIOUS goal for myself (with the help of a coach, of course). It was to run the half marathon fast enough to qualify to run the New York City Marathon. This was a goal I really didn’t think I could reach. Problem was, my coach thought I could. So I tried. We set up a training program of daily steps that, while challenging, didn’t seem nearly enough to take me to my goal.
I was SO nervous the day before the race. Then, another friend (yep, you guessed it, he’s also a coach) told me something important. He told me I had done the work that would take me to my goal. He told me that as I got close, my head might start to tell me I couldn’t do it, but my job was not to listen and to just keep telling myself that I was prepared (and keep running).
Well, that’s exactly what happened. In the last mile of the race, I was REALLY tired. My head said I needed to slow down. My head told me I’d “done my best” and it was okay to just finish. I was TIRED. And then I remembered my big juicy goal. I want to run in New York. I want to earn a spot. I remembered how hard I had worked and I remembered that smart people knew I could do this. And I decided to stop listening to my inner critics and just believe in myself. And I RAN.
I didn’t give up on myself. I made my goal. That’s me finishing on historic Hayward Field.  I cried after I crossed the finish line. I’ve never done that. I told my friends, “Today I did something I didn’t think I could do.” It was the best feeling in the world.  I’ve been on a high ever since. And it happened because I made my goal a priority and surrounded myself with people who believe in me.
Why am I sharing this with you? Because I know that so many of you have something in YOU that you really want but aren’t sure is possible. I want to help you create a path and nail that goal!
So, in celebration, here’s what I’ve decided:
My How to Put Yourself First 7 Day Blast-off Program was slated to go up in price today. I have decided to keep the big discount on this kick-in-the-pants 7-day program in place until next Monday. This program is already getting fantastic feedback (see below) and I want all my readers to have the opportunity to do the blast-off at the special discounted price. It’s only $29.99 now. After May 16 it will be $49—no exceptions.
The Blast-off is do-able and effective. You WILL be putting yourself on your priority list, beginning the very first day. These are the steps I use to take charge of my own life and to create the time to take care of me.
Here’s the early feedback that’s starting to roll in from participants:
“This program is very powerful and I would recommend it to anyone.”
“Mission Accomplished Big Time!”
“Totally loved the program. Have been in a great mood all week just from Putting Myself First. My energy has increased and people are noticing. My friends are contacting me more because I am happier with myself.”
“My self esteem has increased from focusing on myself. This is powerful and naturally builds confidence which is much more sustainable.”
“I am calmer throughout the day!”
“Well done!”
“(This program) filled in some pieces I didn’t know I even needed to think about or identify.”
“I have already started sharing this program with others!”
Go here to learn more and sign up for the 7 Day Put Yourself First Blast-off.
Feel free to share this special offer with your friends, but remember, the price will definitely be increasing next Monday.
Let’s start a Put Yourself First revolution!
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