The fastest way to sink or succeed with emotional eating, stress, new goals (or anything else)

goal settingThe fastest way to establish whether you’ll sink or succeed with a new project, with changing your weight, your life balance, your stress – even your career may surprise you.

It’s probably something you take for granted, do automatically, or aren’t even aware of. This will sound very simple. Please, don’t take it for granted.

This is the fundamental ingredient that sets and determines your course and your results.

The one, very powerful factor that will facilitate or undermine your progress with the goals you set, the projects you take on, and the dreams that you pursue for yourself is the story that you tell yourself about them.

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It’s not always easy to capture the soundtrack that runs (sometimes continuously) in your head. But when you do (by listening, journaling, or simply asking yourself about it), it can be extremely enlightening.

We all carry around beliefs:

  • About what it takes to change
  • About our ability to succeed
  • About what kind of effort is required
  • About whether we deserve to be happy or thin or in love
  • About whether it can be easy or peaceful or fun

We take our beliefs and we weave stories that we mutter to ourselves all day long.

I’m fat and lazy. I’ll never make as much money as ______. I can’t stick with anything. I have no self-control. If I want to make this happen, I’m going to have to work my butt off. I’m no good at _______. I’ll always struggle with ___________.

They are all stories.

They are just stories.

And they shape our attitude, our perspective, our approach, and our motivation continually.

Every time we retell ourselves a version of what we have decided is true, we reinforce our beliefs.

There are stories that discourage us, “keep us in our place,” wear us down, and make success an uphill battle.

And there are stories that have the potential to change the game.

I can do this. I am the woman who succeeds. I keep making progress. I succeed by taking consistent steps and keeping it do-able. Success can feel easy. I am bigger than this struggle. I don’t have to be perfect to get where I want to go. I can learn as I go. Seeking help is a strength. I’m proud of ____________. I’m getting better every day.

We see what we are focusing on. We notice the details that confirm what we already believe.

Want to fail? Tell yourself you can’t, you won’t, and it’s just too hard, miserable, or expensive.

Want to get what you want? Start feeding your beliefs, strengthening your confidence, and building a mental path that will create momentum toward your goals.

Take good care,

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