My Favorite Stocking Stuffers for Busy Women
(Treat Yourself Instead of Eating Christmas Cookies!)

best_stocking_stuffersI think I may be a lot like you – I do a lot of my holiday shopping online. This year, as I was surfing for gifts, I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite non-food indulgences and treats that can help you sneak in a little self-care and soothe yourself without turning to food. Gift yourself or someone you care about. Buy yourself a little something to better manage holiday stress. Many of these make perfect stocking stuffers and almost all of them are available via Amazon Prime (if you aren’t already loving Amazon Prime – now’s the perfect time to try a free 30 day trial and get free two day shipping – just click here). Happy Shopping!

My favorite stocking stuffers for busy women:

Lose (or Find) Yourself in a Good Book

Danielle LaPorte’s The Desire Map was the first book I read in 2014 and one that has affected me tremendously all year long. I love her approach to reaching your goals by staying clear on your core desired feelings and I think you’ll probably love it too.

The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson wasn’t published in 2014, but it is a short, easy read that I loved this year. His focus (and many examples) on how small changes can have a big effect is motivating and inspirational – and a great reminder that the little things DO pay off. I’d quote you something from this book except that I’ve lent it out – again.

I’m a huge reader and have lost count of every book I loved this year. While I adore the feeling of holding a book in my hand, I’m also addicted to my Kindle Paperwhite. It’s much easier on my eyes than reading from a regular screen and the backlighting means I can read anywhere without keeping other people awake. And it seems like it stays charged forever. I keep my current motivational book on my Kindle so I can grab it and do some reading first thing every morning – no matter where I am.

Planning and Taking Me-time:

Another thing I can’t get enough of are beautiful tools for thinking and planning. Plans, intentions, and resolutions can be made or broken depending on whether or not we actually carve out a place for them and put them on our schedule. While most of my schedule is kept electronically, I love this giant calendar desk blotter and am using it to map out both long and short range plans for 2015.

I’ve ordered just about every one of the Every Day Journals over the last few years and given many as gifts. These are small enough to not intimidate and have inspiring quotes in the margins. This year I filled up the Dream edition.

Feeding Your Senses (Instead of Eating Chocolate)

Staying in control of overeating and emotional eating is much easier if you are taking care of Hidden Hungers and feeding your soul in ways that don’t involve food.

When you are struggling to figure out what to do “instead of eating,” one of the easiest ways to land on a strategy is to think about feeding your other senses. Here are some of my favorite, affordable, easy sensory indulgences and comfort strategies.

I love both the lavender and verbena scents of the super-rich Pre de Provence Enriched, Soothing & Moisturizing 20% Shea Butter Hand Cream. Both smell divine, keep my hands soft, and, as an added bonus, can discourage me from grabbing snacks I would normally eat with my hands.

As a runner, my feet need lots of help and the Aveda Foot relief lotion is another great smelling favorite that leaves your feet tingly. A foot massage is something that’s hard to top – isn’t it? This Aveda Holiday Limited Edition Gift Set would be a perfect gift.

One of my favorite ways to slow down, get grounded and refocused, and nurture myself a little is to sit down with a fragrant cup of hot tea. The smell, the taste, and the warmth are really a full body experience. It’s a five minute lovely thing that can reset my whole day. These Handwarmer Mugs take the tea drinking comfort experience to a new level. Just keep in mind that they are left and right handed, so shop accordingly!

And what would the holiday season be without candles? The soft light helps me get through the very short days this time of year in the Pacific Northwest. These soy Aromatherapy Candles (in travel size tins) are great for setting the scene for relaxing and winding down after a difficult day.

Feeling Good When Life is Tough

When you are trying to achieve a goal or do hard things, staying motivated and confident is SO important, and again, it’s often the little things that help. I have a dear friend who brightened more than a few tough days this year by showing up with some of these crazy socks. I wore my hot pink Bad Ass Socks to my recent root canal. Did it help? Probably not. But as I stared down at my boots during the procedure, I did have a silent giggle about it.

Finally, I just had to throw these in. Starting new habits and routines is difficult, so if you are embarking on a new path or project in 2015, my advice is to make it as comfortable and beautiful as possible. As I get to work on strengthening my core and getting more flexible, I keep eyeing these gorgeous yoga mats. I wish mine would wear out!

Take good care,

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