Four Ways to Create Space So That You Can Focus on Yourself (at least a bit): Tip Three

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Here’s my latest installment in this series dedicated to helping you create space for your self so you can give yourself what you need. We’re talking small steps here. The truth is, major life overhauls tend to be overwhelming–not what we need. Another truth: there’s only so much a woman–any woman–can do by herself. We ARE human you know! As logical as this next tip is, it’s one many of us struggle with.  Can I urge you to keep working on it?

Tip Three: Rally the Troops

Yep. I’m going to talk to you about asking for help and delegating. You’ve heard it before, and yet it might be something you need to consider again. There are a lot of women out there with too much on their plates who are trying to go it alone. Why is it that so many intelligent, hard-working women are so darn bad at asking for help and support?

If I’m talking to you, please take a deep breath and know that you are NOT alone.

If you are ready to create some time, space and energy for yourself, here are some questions to ask:

  • Who else could do this?
  • Who could help me do this?
  • Who could I pay to do this?
  • Does this really need to be done?
  • Is there some system or gadget that could simplify, streamline, or eliminate this task
  • Who could I teach to do this?

If you’ve already memorized these questions and simply can’t move forward in this area, than might I suggest it’s time to call in another sort of help? If figuring out how to get more help and support (and use it!) feels like an impossible task, this is place where high quality coaching can make a difference in ways you might not even be able to imagine. Contact me and we’ll set up a consultation. This is simply a barrier that’s crucial to get past.

One final word on asking for help. There’s one fine point that high-achievers, perfectionists, and independent women often miss. If you don’t have a clue how someone could help you or how you could delegate some of what is on your plate, than the most basic way of asking for help is to ask someone that you know like and trust: “How could I do that?” They may amaze you with an answer, OR the conversations that result may unlock your own brilliant flow of ideas in ways that bowl you over.

Take good care,


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