Four Ways to Create Space So That You Can Focus on Yourself (at least a bit): Tip Two

Just in time for summer and quick reading: a series on finding time for YOU. How lovely is that? I’m keeping my posts short and to the point so both us us can enjoy a bit more sun and a tad more me-time. If you missed part one of the series, you can find it here.

Tip Two: Say “No” So You Can Say “Yes”:

Superwoman is a myth. None of us can do it all. We CAN do amazing things, but only if we are clear on our priorities and spend our time and energy accordingly. We cannot stretch time, we can only spend it wisely. Unfortunately, some high-achievers are notoriously bad at saying “no” and lose a lot of time on activities that aren’t in alignment with who they want to be. You might recognize the signs:

  • if you are constantly feeling overwhelmed and overloaded and don’t see an end in sight
  • if you are too tired to move at the end of the day (the time you designate as your “me-time,”)
  • if you feel like YOU are the one everyone turns to for help and support
  • if “Yes,” or “Sure,” tends to be your default response
  • if you are someone who worries a lot about letting people down or making people happy but is tired and not-so-happy herself

If these signs ring a bell—well—you might want to flex your “no” muscles because they probably need some strengthening.

Today’s coaching challenge: What will you say “no” to so that you have room for more “yes?”

Take good care,

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