Four Ways to Create Space So That You Can Focus on Yourself (at least a bit)

If you’re reading this, you’re more-than-probably struggling with time—and finding enough of it to do what you want to do. Too many busy women see me-time and pursuing their own goals, hopes, and dreams as just about impossible, given all the other things they have to do. My view: we all have rough spots, but in the big picture, life is simply too short not to be thriving—hence this series, which will unfold over the next week or so.  I know it’s the summer, and in the United States we have a holiday weekend coming up, so I’ll keep it short and sweet. Try applying a nugget at a time and see what happens.

SaveTheDate(1)Tip One: Preschedule:

When I begin with a new coaching client, we preschedule her coaching calls—all of them. If she’s signed up for an eight month program, than all eight months of calls go on both our calendars. Sure, we may do some rescheduling as time goes on and things come up, but the space has been claimed from the beginning. Rule of thumb—it’s easier to rearrange time than to find it.

If you aren’t prescheduling most of your priority activities (and by priority activities, I mean those things that are important to YOU), than you should be. Get your fitness, your support time with friends, the time you want to spend writing your novel, the time to prepare those healthy meals, on your calendar. Giving yourself the appropriate space and time is essential for quality results. Claim it early on and let the rest of your life work around your needs.

Here’s a hint—there’s no limit to how far in advance you can preschedule. Create a spot for that holiday shopping trip you want to take with your sister—now. Schedule the time you want to take in January plotting and planning for the new year. Carve out the space and it’s a lot more likely to be there when you need it.  Feeling too busy to preschedule? Skip a few months ahead and start prescheduling then. Create a plan for October that includes the activities you need to thrive. You’ll thank yourself.

Stay tuned for tip number two . . . .

Take good care,


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