Free Teleclass: Live Your Best Life this Summer!

I don’t know about you, but for me, summer has always been magical. I find that the long sunny days, our annual family vacation, and the change of pace all revitalize me and create a new sense of possibility. Of course, I just plain love the change of seasons. I’ll be saying something similar when fall arrives too!

The thing is, I see so many of busy women get excited at the beginning of the season, only to find themselves wondering in a few months, “Where did it go?” Life gets busy, the weeks slide by, and the weight loss, or the me-time, or those special activities just don’t happen. Life is too short for this all-too-familiar pattern!

Every day really is precious, and so are the hopes, dreams, and goals you hope to attain over the summer months. That’s why I’ve decided to make my theme for the season, Your Best Summer Ever.

Let’s make it a season to savor and a time in your life to remember. I want to help you make it successful and juicy and inspired. Let’s make this summer the next essential step to you living your best version of your life. Sound good?

To kick things off, I’m going to host a no-cost teleclass on (you guessed it) the first day of summer: June 21, 2011 at 2pm Pacific, 3pm Mountain, 4pm Central, and 5pm Eastern. The topic:

How to Have Your Best Summer Ever! Tips for THRIVING, Achieving Your Goals, and Living Your Best Life–From this Moment Forward!

I'll be sharing:

• Tips you can implement IMMEDIATELY to help you feel and be your best.
• Strategies to help you stay on track so that you don't wake up in September feeling like the summer passed you by.
• Ways to up the passion and the fun factor.
• How to stay on track with your eating and your healthy lifestyle goals during a season of vacations, summer treats, and indulgences.

The plan is to have a fun call that will give you the tips and the momentum you need to start making a real difference. I’ll also be sharing information about my newly available self-paced THRIVE Formula™ Series.

Click here to get all the details.

Take good care,


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