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This bonus episode is designed to answer your questions about the free workshop series I’m offering. Please share this episode and this invitation with other smart, busy women who want to create peace with food and freedom from overeating.

If you're a smart woman who secretly wonders whether it's really possible to change your overeating or emotional eating habits, the Freedom from Overeating Workshop is for you.

There's a good chance your approach to overeating is keeping you stuck. We can change this. 

Join me May 8 - May 12 @ noon EST/9:00am Pacific for this free 5-day workshop and learn the 4-step approach no one ever taught you - so you can stop overeating and emotional eating - without guilt, without superhuman levels of willpower, and without feeling deprived.

You can stop fighting with food. You can end the cycle of running out of willpower, blaming yourself, and endlessly "starting over on Monday." In the free Freedom from Overeating Workshop Series I'll teach you an approach that allows you to lose your cravings and urges to overeat, so that you can eat in a way that you love, achieve your goals, and feel confident that you can maintain them.

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  • Curious about what it’s like inside Your Missing Peace? Want to learn how to stop overeating without diets and deprivation? Join me for a free, live 5-part workshop series. Register here for the free (online) Freedom from Overeating Workshop Series for Smart, Busy Women.
  • Emotional Eating Quiz: Not sure why you’re overeating, or what your Hidden Hungers are? Take the free Hidden Hungers Quiz and get a free set of resources matched to your results.
  • Your Missing Peace  is the program for women ready to stop overeating and emotional eating for good. Enrollment is open and NOW is the perfect time to join us! Go here to learn more
  • Private Coaching. One-on-one coaching is for you if you’re looking for something completely individualized and specific to your situation. Openings are limited. Learn more here.

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Full episode transcript:

Hello everybody. This is a special bonus episode of the podcast that I am recording because I have had a lot of questions about my upcoming free yes, free Five Day Freedom from Overeating Workshop for Smart Busy Women. And I wanted to record this episode to tell you a little bit more about what it is about, why it is about, and answer those questions.

If you are listening to this episode in real time, then you need to know that the workshop kicks off on Monday, May 8th, 2023, and runs throughout the whole week. If you're listening later in that week, it is not too late to join us and to catch up on the replays and all you need to do that is go to

If you are listening to this after this date, then all you need to know is that if you go to that link That will put you on the wait list for future editions of this workshop. So you are not missing out, it's just not as timely as it is if you're listening in real time.

So here is the deal. What I teach on this podcast and what I teach in my programs and in my coaching with one-on-one clients is a brand new relationship with food. A relationship with food that is really different than what you have learned growing up in this culture and being exposed to diet culture and diet mentality and weight loss marketing and the stuff that just seeps into our brain from every single direction.

Because deprivation mentality, which is the opposite of what I teach, is so pervasive. It is not only really difficult to escape, but it, it is also sometimes very difficult to recognize that you are stuck in it. So if you're a smart woman who has this wondering in the back of her mind, maybe secretly wonders, is it really possible for me to change? Or am I different? Can I really change my overeating or emotional eating? Or do I really just need a stricter diet? Right? Is this something I'm always going to struggle with?

If those are thoughts that you have, a, you are a normal human woman living on this planet, and B, I really want to encourage you to consider, strongly, registering for the Freedom from Overeating Workshop. Because we take during that workshop an entire week to provide you with live training. I go live every single day, and yes, you get replayed for that. But to talk about small, subtle, doable ways that you can start to tune in to a new way of thinking. To a new approach to your overeating and small, doable, actionable steps that you can take to begin moving in a different direction.

And along the way, because we go for five days, and this is one reason that I do this training over five days, you can get some reminders of, oh my gosh, this is how I get caught in the old way. This is what looks different. Because it's one thing to listen to a podcast episode and nod your head or realize, oh wow, that makes a lot of sense. But when we string together Five days of focusing on this stuff in small, little doable ways. Take this step, think about this.

And I give feedback along the way because there's also a private group where we can share ideas and people can share questions. You start to see the ways that your brain is working that are helping you. And also you start to learn about the ways that you may be get getting pulled into self-sabotage or old ways of thinking that keep you stuck on the overeating hamster wheel. So that is some of the philosophy behind why this is a five part workshop series.

Now, some people have asked, okay, wait a minute, five days all day long. I can't block out a whole week for this. No, during the workshop series, I go live once a day, Monday through Friday. And spoiler alert, there may be some bonus sessions, in addition to that, that I'll let you know about if you register.

Once a day I go live with a short training. And then some doable actions that I will give you that you can go on and practice. I give you a little mini assignment each day to help you apply what it is that I'm talking about. Each day is going to be a different piece of training. And over the course of the week, I'm going to show you the entire framework that I teach in the Missing Peace program that I use with my coaching clients, that really what I say, turns your thinking about what it takes to change your overeating or to change emotional eating upside down in the very best way.

And this is important because as I, I was just talking to a client about this earlier this week. So many people join the Missing Peace program or apply to work with me in coaching because they are so tired of going in circles with their eating. They are so tired of losing the weight and just regaining it. Or working really hard to lose weight and then burning out and ending up gaining more weight. And they're so tired of the real estate that thinking about food and thinking about weight and thinking about eating and thinking about changing their eating is taking up in their brains.

They just want to move on. And here's the thing, and I know I have said this before in podcast episodes, but it's really important. If you want to build something new. If you want to create a relationship with food that is your forever relationship with food, not just I would like to lose 25 pounds, but I would like to have lost the 25 pounds and then not think about it anymore. Then you need to approach losing that weight or losing the binging habit, or changing the way you eat at the end of the day, you need to approach it in a different way. Because we all have a relationship with food. And you're going to have a relationship with food for the rest of your life.

And the relationship with food that you use to get to your goal is going to be the relationship with food that you end up with after you have your goal. So this training is about showing you how you can meet your goals, but do it in a way that feels good. Do it in a way that empowers you. Doing do it in a way that is a way that you want to continue for the rest of your life.

somebody who just started working me with me said to me earlier this week, she said, I, I just realized that I had this approach that I thought I had to follow. That was really strict. That made me miserable. But I was like, okay, I can do it. I can do it until I got to my goal. And then you pointed out to me, what are you going to be left with after you get to your goal? You're going to do this thing to get to your goal. If you get there. That is going to make you miserable, and then you won't know what to do afterward. And she said, that is the whole story of my battle with food and weight. And I'm tired of this and I want to do it differently. So that is what this upcoming five day workshop is designed to show you how to do.

I'm not going to give you a food plan. We're not going to talk about tracking any specific aspect of your nutrition. Instead, I'm going to teach you over the five days how to take your power back from food. How to create a foundation that is based on not dieting, but on creating the relationship with food that you want, that feels good, and that gets you to your goals. So you're going to walk away from the five days with some simple, new habits and having practiced them over the week.

We're going to tackle mindset and not just as a buzzword, but really we're going to go deep with the set of your mind. The way your mind is influencing you in a positive way or a negative way. And how you can shift that again really powerfully to affect your confidence. To affect your motivation. To affect your perseverance as you move forward.

We are definitely covering self-sabotage. And most importantly, we are going to cover the kind of self-sabotage that happens unconsciously. Because for smart, busy women, there are actually things that we do and we think all the time that you have probably been told throughout your life are actually success strategies. But actually there are these things that we do that we think are helping to push us or to motivate us or to get us further. And they actually are exactly the things that create obstacles and that in the end, sabotage us.

And oh my goodness. One of the things that is so important in this five day workshop series is we are going to talk about confidence. And how to get your confidence back. How to keep your promises to yourself. How to build your trust in yourself again. Which has probably if you're like so many people got been broken over, I don't know how many, you know, hamster wheel, roller coaster cycles of succeeding and then not getting where you want to go, and then feeling let down. And the whole deprivation myth that if you've done this, it's all your fault. So, you know, for so many people, there is guilt and blame and shame. And I'm going to show you how to move beyond all of that so that you can get somewhere productive.

One of the things that I value most about the workshop series is that everything I do, whether it is in the free workshop series that is next week, or in the Missing Peace program, or in my coaching programs, is to reinforce for you that what works is going to be unique to you.

And so even this workshop series, this is not a cookie cutter template that you are supposed to fit yourself into. You are going to walk away from the five day workshop series with a, with a new knowledge of what it takes and what to pay attention to, and how to create a plan that fits you. That fits your life. That fits your preferences. That you know doesn't wear you out because it's not realistic. Or it isn't, it isn't aligned with who you are.

So people. If you appreciate this podcast, if this speaks to you, if this is something that you listen to, you absolutely need to know that registering for the workshop is a no-brainer. Remember, it's I will put the link in the show notes.

If you are listening to this episode anytime during the week of May 8th, then get over to because the live trainings will still be going on and when you register, you will get access to the replays so that you can easily catch up and jump into the workshop series with us. If you are listening after the week of May 8th, go to anyway. And get yourself on the wait list for the next workshop series.

Okay, I think I have answered the questions that I have received. I hope this information is helpful. I'm going to say it one more time because we always get a million questions. Yes, there will be replays. Oh, and one more thing. The live trainings do take place on Facebook. However, if you are not a Facebook person, totally get it, we have made special arrangements so that you can also have access to all the materials in a non-Facebook friendly way.

So listen, if this is information that you need in your life, if you are somebody who wants to build a new relationship with food, there's no catch here. This is absolutely free. And yes, you can also invite a friend. So forward this episode, forward this information to anybody that you think would like to attend, and I will see you in the workshop.

I'll talk to you soon.

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