Get Healthy, Grow the Health of Your Business, and Shine

Business owners and professionals who put a low priority on their own self care and healthy lifestyle are making a big mistake–one that has the potential to affect both how they feel and how they earn.

This is a topic that’s much bigger than a blog post—and one I will be addressing (in small digestible pieces) over time.  You probably already know some of the statistics about how quality self care contributes to success.  I know you know that success means very little if you aren’t enjoying your life….

But I recently ran across another example that you might not have considered.

When we feel good about ourselves, we shine.  When we feel good about ourselves and our actions, we convey that confidence.

I routinely ask my new clients to consider the physical posture that goes with how they feel about their struggles with weight, food, and healthy lifestyle.  Consider the posture that accompanies overwhelm.  Then consider the way you carry yourself when you feel confident and successful and bold and shiny.

It doesn’t get talked about much, but many women tell me that they know they can’t really bring their “A Game” to the table because they aren’t feeling it.  They don’t wear red, they don’t move and speak with complete confidence, their gestures are smaller, their voice may be tighter.  They simply don’t feel as bold.  As a business owner, as a professional—especially in this economy—success means playing big.  It means speaking with passion—not hiding behind the podium. It means allowing yourself to make an impact—not wishing you were invisible because you don’t feel good about yourself.

Now, I’m not saying that you have to be in tip-top shape to feel good about yourself.  That’s not true.  I’m saying that you have to know and convey that you are worthwhile.  And to really be in that place you have to treat yourself that way.  You have to believe that you are worth the time and the effort and the inconvenience it may cause others for you to receive at least as much care as you give to everyone else.

When you believe that and do that it will show.  And you will shine.

That example I mentioned?

It came from my friend Janet Hilts’ blog post about delivering a winning elevator speech (edited because link no longer works).  What’s our number one fear? Public speaking.  Apparently, many of us would rather die (literally—we fear it less—than give a speech).  How do you feel about taking the stage—standing tall and telling the world what you’re about?  Giving that knock-it-out-of-the-park presentation? Holding a winning teleseminar?

Janet’s post reminds me that one of the real keys to speaking effectively—and to creating or being a presence that others are interested in and engaged by—is to come from a place of being comfortable in our own skin.  Get this—according to Janet, it’s not about getting the words perfect (although that’s what we tend to obsess about). Janet says that researchers have found that our words count for only 7% of the overall message we send when we talk with somebody. The majority (55%) of our message is transmitted by facial expression and body language; and 38% comes from our voice quality.

In my mind, that’s a powerful endorsement for investing in whatever grows your body confidence, helps you relax, empowers you, and allows you to shine.


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