Are You Ready to End Your Struggles with Overeating?

The key to freedom from overeating and emotional eating has nothing to do with food

I'm wondering if you've ever felt this way ...

Even though you’re someone who makes things happen, has been successful with many things, and accomplished a lot, there’s a place where you don’t feel confident or effective.

You know that feeling when you walk into your closet? When nothing fits right. Nothing looks good, and you are so irritated with yourself, because you’re tired of being in this place and you’re tired of fighting with the scale and struggling with overeating.

You know more than you ever wanted to about how to lose weight and eat healthy, and​ what you should be doing - but you just can't seem to make it happen.

And you feel like a smart woman like you, should have figured this out by now.

Too many smart, busy women blame themselves and don't know that they're actually missing a piece of the puzzle

​This could very well be your situation if:

You've lost the same twenty pounds over and over again – and put on another thirty in the process.

You're a fabulously strong, motivated high-achiever and are so angry with yourself for not being able to “follow the weight loss rules.” You might even think of yourself as undisciplined and unmotivated. Maybe you're a dynamo who hides out in baggy clothes, eats (for comfort) in secret, and suffers quietly with shame and guilt.

Perhaps you're watching your weight creep up – a few pounds a year – and fearing the gain (and your hunger) is never going to stop.

But the truth is - you aren’t lazy or stupid (far from it), and you definitely know how to do hard things – you do them all day long

​The problem is – knowing what you should do is not an answer. If information fixed this problem, Google would have put the weight loss industry out of business years ago.

You’re not succeeding (and you may even be blaming yourself for it) because you don’t have all the pieces to the puzzle.

When you have them, the problem is solvable. With far less struggle than you might imagine.

When you get the pieces you’re missing, you can leave the struggles behind. For good.

Your content here...

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to say goodbye to frustration and self-blame and exit the overeating hamster wheel

I'd like to show you how to design and implement your unique step-by-step plan to take your power back from food – one that works better than willpower or going hungry – and that fits your busy life, so that you can be successful and satisfied.

Did you know that there are specific reasons that high-achieving women overeat?

When you’re busy and juggling multiple responsibilities, reaching for food can be an easy, even unconscious response to your needs, stress, emotions, and exhaustion (among other things).

Food can be comfort, and might be your sweet reward at the end of a long, demanding day.

The reasons we turn to food are powerful– and go far beyond physical hunger. And yet, most approaches to overeating and weight struggles barely address these causes of hunger and overeating – and they certainly don’t provide effective strategies or solutions for permanently ending your struggle with food.

The traditional approach to helping women with overeating, emotional eating, and weight struggles, is profoundly broken. It’s failing you and robbing you of hope and confidence and success.

You're a smart woman, and you know that trying to fix something without taking care of what's causing the problem is like bailing water out of a leaking boat while ignoring the big hole where the water is coming in.

And yet, that's what most weight loss experts are asking you to do!

There's so much "advice" out there about what not to do – and of course, we all know that stress eating, comfort eating, mindless eating, and bingeing at night aren't helpful.

The problem is - until now - there's been a lack of information about what to do instead, how to quiet the urges, calm the stress, or how to make the cravings go away.

And yet, it can be done. And when you put these pieces in place, it changes everything.

M.Name withheld for privacy                 

Food is no longer such a coping mechanism for me. Feeling full of other things means I can let go of having to always have food. I don’t feel deprived at all. My eating is very different already. I haven’t had cravings and I am allowing myself to eat anything I feel like eating . . . And yes, I have lost five pounds this week without trying . . . . I ate as much as I wanted, and then stopped, and I felt completely in control.

You can move from fighting for control, to freedom and peace with food

The problem with most weight loss approaches is that you’re either succeeding, and “in control” or you are “off your diet” or struggling. Either way, you’re still stuck in the battle. Winning or losing, you’re fighting for control with food and your weight. It’s an ongoing struggle that requires vigilance, time, energy, and willpower – all of which are limited resources and are probably wearing you out.

I'm Dr. Melissa McCreery, and I know the struggles, because I’ve had my own, and I also know something that so many smart women don’t.

You don’t have to keep struggling and the path to success isn’t figuring out how to “be strong” (or perfect) for the rest of your life. You can enjoy your life, enjoy food, and spend your time and energy worrying about something else.

You can have real, lasting freedom and peace with food.

I discovered my own overeating freedom formula years ago, and left struggles with food and weight, completely behind. Over the last twenty-five years, as a clinical psychologist, author, and founder of, I’ve helped thousands of other women do it too.

I’ve shared the overeating freedom formula approach with CEOs, professionals, entrepreneurs, physicians, successful coaches and leaders who, despite all they’ve accomplished, couldn’t figure out how to stop overeating. Often, they feel embarrassed or frustrated, and most of all, ineffective.

They don’t know how they can win big contracts, save lives, set legal precedents–and yet still feel powerless when confronted with potato chips, cookies, or cake.

They often don’t realize that the weight loss strategies they've been using are sabotaging them – before they even start. These strategies don’t even include the pieces you need to move beyond struggle (or constant vigilance) into peace and freedom with food.

The Overeating Freedom Formula answers 4 questions that are critical to your success:

1.  Why do you overeat?

There are reasons or "triggers" for your overeating. You begin to deactivate the power of food in your life when you discover why food is so powerful and identify the purpose it is fulfilling - so that you can stop fighting with food and address these real reasons instead.

2.  What can you do instead of overeating?

Real freedom from overeating happens when you discover the better, real solutions that address what you really need, want, and crave, and when you have effective plans for what to do instead of overeating.

3.  How are you supposed to eat?

There are so many rules and diets, and everyone and their best friend has advice. You exit this hamster wheel when you learn the step-by-step process of eating in a way that fits you, and clear out the clutter of the conflicting weight loss rules you've collected. The need for willpower disappears and you don't feel deprived, when you tap into a new, easier relationship with food.

4.  But what about the reasons you haven't succeeded in the past?

To soar past the challenges and real-life hurdles that tripped you up in the past, you need to be prepared and equipped for real life. Lasting success is the result of an Overeating Freedom Formula that takes on (and respects) the realities of your life and works - even on your most stressful or worst day.

Now you can apply the Overeating Freedom Formula to your life with a new, step-by-step process

​I've combined the tools, tips, and strategies I've shared with thousands of women, with the formula that smart, busy women need, and the approach to getting winning results and avoid overwhelm and burnout.

Today you can apply my Overeating Freedom Formula to your life - with my new step-by-step training.​

Instead of rehashing the same old diet advice you already know, you can make deep, lasting changes that get results and feel good.

I'll show you how to get to the root of overeating, feed your real hungers, and teach you how to use the tools and targeted strategies so that food loses its power and you have solutions that fit you and your life.​

Using the Overeating Freedom Formula approach, participants have reported that:​

  • Cravings dissolve
  • The urge to overeat goes away
  • Emotional eating (stress eating, boredom eating, comfort eating) loses its power

I was at the end of my rope. Yo-yo diets didn't work for me, I couldn't see my way to fit in exercising consistently and I desperately needed help overcoming my stress eating habit. And let me say... I had a terrible eat-to-sooth-stress habit and panic ruled my days as I have a very stressful job in the healthcare industry, lots of travel plus the demands of raising a family. Your tools have been key to getting me back on track . . . After years of being in this terrible rut, I was really successful in making some positive changes . . . finally! Your program has been my page turner! I feel more confident, in control of my choices . . . my success isn't tied to my environment but now within me!

Introducing the help you've been waiting for: 

The results awaiting you are better than you'll get from any diet

  • Discover the key to your overeating - and use it to take your power back from food
  • Get the freedom to savor and enjoy food - guilt free
  • Gain the ability to stop with one – one taste, one piece of chocolate, or one handful of chips
  • Discover a step-by-step process to take control of overeating, emotional eating, and cravings and become peaceful with food
  • Bring more play and fun into your life – and learn why this is SO important for weight loss
  • Learn how to say yes instead of depriving yourself and expecting yourself to go without all the time
  • Create a life that fulfills you – so you don’t have to fill it with food
  • Discover how you can break free from food obsession, guilt, and shame
  • Appreciate, enjoy, and have fun in the body that you have NOW
  • Discover how to reward yourself, comfort yourself, and cope with feelings like frustration, hurt, and sadness without turning to food

These are the steps, and this is the process for stepping off the overeating hamster wheel and adding the missing peace and freedom back into your life.

Your training is laid out in four training modules that walk you through the phases of the Overeating Freedom Formula, and show you step by step, how to customize and individualize the formula so that it works for you.

Let's Unpack 

Module One: Why do I overeat?

Create your first big shift and begin taking your power back from food when you discover how to get clear on the root cause of your overeating – so you can address it directly and stop using food as a band-aid.

In this module you will:

  1. Find out how to ditch guilt and self-blame and start channeling all that energy into success (and feeling MUCH better).
  2. Discover your existing sources of power and success and how to strategically target your next, best move (for maximum results).
  3.  Forget food diaries. I'll show you how to use one of my favorite tools to get to the root of your overeating.
  4. Use the ME, Me, M.E. protocol to start crafting your power habits and building new, small, automatic routines designed to last.

Module Two: What can I do instead of overeating?

Lots of good intentions never pan out because you know what you want to do, but you just can’t make it happen. In this module you'll discover how to move beyond overeating – by taking the power away from food.

In this module you will get:

  1. The step-by-step tool to create your own individualized plans for what to do instead of overeating—without relying on mental toughness, willpower, or deprivation.
  2.  What to do with feelings (the good, the bad, and the really uncomfortable ones).
  3. The three types of Instead Plans (and why you need all three).
  4. The most common mistakes that high-achievers make when they try to NOT overeat (knowing how to avoid these is worth your weight in gold!).
  5. The keys to being sure you’ve got a plan that works for YOU.

Module Three: How am I supposed to eat?

Too much advice leads to overwhelm and confusion and you might not know where to begin when it comes to what to eat- especially if you are done with being deprived. Whether you’re tired of counting calories, out of touch with feelings of hunger and fullness, confused about what your body needs, or can’t figure out why you keep gaining weight, this is the module where we revolutionize and rebalance your approach to food.

In this module you will:

  1. Discover how playing with your food can release you from yo-yo dieting.
  2. Get the 9-P approach to Food Freedom.
  3. Learn how to let go of strategies that leave you feeling hungry and deprived and bring the pleasure back to eating.
  4. Break habits of mindless eating or eating on autopilot.
  5. Position yourself to sit calmly in the driver’s seat with food, food choices, and your eating.

Module Four: But what about the reasons I haven't succeeded in the past?

Life is full of unexpected turns and the stressful challenges, and to be successful, you need a plan for that. In the final phase of the Overeating Freedom Formula, you’ll revisit the reasons you haven’t been successful – and address them before they happen again. Instead of crossing your fingers and hoping that everything works (and that you'll be able to be perfect forever), you’ll create peace and success with a formula that incorporates your real life challenges from the very beginning.

In this module you will discover:

  1.  How to never start over again.
  2.  How to say no with more ease and less guilt (and why this is critical for freedom from overeating).
  3. How to take your next step forward when you don't have a clue what to do (taking these few simple steps will save you a whole lot of grief in the future).
  4. The strategy a client said was "worth a million dollars." Hint: this is essential for long term success with overeating, emotional eating, and weight loss.
  5. Your “in case of emergency break the glass” plan for desperate times.

Implementation and Catch Up Weeks are built in to Your Missing Peace
Don’t you hate it when a program ends and you haven’t finished yet? I know that life gets busy. In Your Missing Peace, we sprinkle extra weeks inside this program, specifically for you to review, tie up loose ends, revisit past training modules, and catch up – or simply catch your breath. 

Your first action steps and trainings will be available immediately after you register. First, we'll pave the way with bite-sized actions that are just what you need to prepare a solid foundation for success. The process is deliberate. You'll get what you need, when you need it - and no extra "fluff" to overwhelm or weigh you down. You'll receive a new training module (and complete a new phase of the Overeating Freedom Formula) each week. All your materials are recorded and you'll have 6 months of access to the Missing Peace membership site, so you can pace things in the best way for you.

Join YOUR MISSING PEACE today and you'll receive these carefully selected bonuses  


This is your confidence-boosting, joy-enhancing secret sauce. In this training, you’ll take the powerful step that most people skip entirely when they are trying to change their eating. It’s too bad, because this one strategy makes everything else easier. In this training you’ll find out how to boost your confidence and your ability to create a path forward that works for you when you step into your unstoppable, successful self – the woman that feels great, exudes energy, and lights you up when you connect with her. You’ll gain a powerful tool that can propel you forward, and exponentially increase the fun and joy you feel on this journey. (Value = $97)


Even the best of plans go off the rails if you don’t have a solid strategy for what to do instead of eating when the cravings hit or emotions are running high. To supercharge the training you’ll get in Your Missing Peace, I’ve added this invaluable bonus. In this pre-recorded workshop, you'll hear how to apply and customize the Instead Plan strategy. Be a fly on the wall as I answer questions, help participants fine-tune strategy, and show you how to identify mindset adjustments so that you can avoid self-sabotage and exponentially increase your success in the face of food triggers and difficult situations.

You'll discover how you can reverse years of struggle with a story, and how to get started with this strategy right away. The bonus material covered in this training helps your other freedom formula pieces slide together easily. This is not about helping you “be strong” or “resist the urge,” but about creating strategies that satisfy. We’ll also untangle the common mistakes and how to avoid them and tackle what you need to know so that the urge to overeat eventually goes away. (Value = $297.00)


This is a blind spot for a lot of people. Let’s face it, we live in a culture that encourages us to use food – and it’s everywhere! I've seen even the smartest, most creative women go blank when asked how they were going to reward themselves or commemorate a win or special occasion without relying on a tasty treat. With this bonus training, I’ve done the work for you. In addition to this bonus training on how to leverage rewards to increase success (and the 3 big mistakes you want to avoid), you’ll also get my cheat sheet with 50 strategies that you can use, perfect, and adjust to make them your very own. (Value = $79.00 but really – this is priceless!)


This powerful system, which I’ve never shared before, lets you transform any action or set of circumstances into a winning step forward. You won’t ever be stuck or hopelessly off track again. Guaranteed. You can let go of having to get it perfect or that dread you feel in your stomach when you’ve “blown it.” No more. Once you discover the powerful process of Spiralocity™ you'll know how to create constant momentum and wins instead of being stuck on a hamster wheel with overeating, or on again, off again, weight loss. You’ll receive the Spiralocity™ trainings, weekly lab sheets, and the daily lab guide and I’ll show you how to use Spiralocity™ in combination with the Overeating Freedom Formula to get results that keep coming. (Value = $497.00)


Change is easiest when you have the right kind of support and accountability. I’m gifting you with three months of membership in the Missing Peace Private Facebook Community. You’ll have access to our private group where you can connect, ask questions, share success stories, and more. I participate regularly in the community and membership also includes additional feedback, accountability check-ins, and occasional surprises. (Value = $89.00)


You'll get cheat sheets,tips, and a few surprises from some of my favorite experts - all in the name of making your success easier, and more straightforward. (Value = $39.00)

In Just 6 Weeks: Move from Frustration - to FREEDOM

Imagine ... What would be possible for you if you had all the time and energy back that you spend struggling with food? 

How would your life change if you didn’t doubt your ability to be successful with eating and with your weight? 

What would be different if, instead of using food to fill in the gaps, you knew how to really feed those hidden cravings and hungers?

Amanda De Longchamp               

​Prior to this program, I was so frustrated with myself for turning to food as comfort for stress/anxiety. Your Missing Peace was SO worth my investment. I've done Weight Watchers for almost 20 years off and on, and I've read many books on cognitive therapy skills with dieting and overeating. They helped me lose weight, but I would always regain it. These programs didn’t address the core emotions that caused me to overeat and their approach proved to be too complex or rigid to continue with every day.After completing Your Missing Peace, I eat mindfully. I eat less, and I feel more satisfied and less guilty when I do eat. The program showed me how to successfully pinpoint the exact emotions/feelings/situations that trigger me to overeat and what I can do instead. Now, instead of just being on auto-pilot and grabbing something to eat when I'm not even physically hungry, I have effective alternative strategies. I’m also calmer and happier with myself.

Most other programs are 90% about what and how to eat, and tend to make you feel totally deprived - something most of us don’t need at all. Your Missing Peace is a completely different approach. I think any woman who struggles with weight issues needs to do this program, because you need to know that you can be empowered instead of following a regiment and you can get off the dieting hamster wheel.


​If you had asked me a year ago, I would have told you that so much of my energy was focused towards an obsession with food and my body. I didn’t have the ability to be truly present because I was either thinking about what I ate, what I planned to eat, how much I disliked my body, thinking that if only I could get a handle on my eating, everything in my life would improve. I had lost weight at different points in my life, but it never stayed off. . . Something has changed. . . I am finally happy in my body. I have lost about 30 pounds, I eat whatever I want, stop when I am no longer hungry, and most importantly, the obsessions are gone. Gone are the mornings promising that I am finally going to be “good”, gone are the nights reprimanding myself for everything I did wrong, gone is the constant decision making about what to eat and when to stop.

Are you ready to claim

How do you value the freedom that allows you to let go of living on willpower, feeling deprived, and struggling with overeating? Some people spend years of their life and never get there. If you are ready to get off the overeating hamster wheel, real change is possible.

My availability to work with clients privately is limited, and the cost is far more than the tuition for this program. With Your Missing Peace, you gain access to the foundational training, the transformational resources, and the essential strategy, but for a lot less. I’ll guide you through the exact steps to transform your overeating and emotional eating, for less than you might spend over the next few months on restaurant meals that leave you feeling over-stuffed, junk food you don’t want, and sugary treats you’ll feel bad about later.

This is the most straight-forward, no-hype way I know to create what you may have already spent years of your life and hundreds of dollars (or more) trying to achieve.

Here's what you'll receive when you join
Your Missing Peace today:

  • The entire Overeating Freedom Formula training. Four in-depth modules including videos, audio downloads, worksheets, templates, and guides. (Value = $697.00)
  • BONUS: Step into the Unstoppable Version of You (Value = $97.00)
  • BONUS: The What to do INSTEAD of Eating (when the brownies are calling your name) – Strategy Creation Workshop (Value = $297.00)
  • BONUS: How to Reward Yourself and Celebrate without Food (Value = $79.00)

Total Value = $1795.00

And remember, everything is delivered step-by-step, in a way that won’t overwhelm you or add unnecessary stress.

  • BONUS: Expert Guides, Checklists, and Cheat Sheets. (Value = $39.00)
  • BONUS: The complete Spiralocity™ High Performance System – How to use weekly experiments to skyrocket your results. (Value = $497.00)
  • BONUS: 3 Months of Support and Accountability - Membership in the private Peace with Food community (Value = $89.00)



30 Day Satisfaction Policy for your Peace of Mind. Click here to learn more.

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​I’ve always struggled with my weight and I was tired of food occupying so much space in my mind - I was one of those people who "live to eat." … Food was always on my mind and I was always wanting to eat. I would think about food, dream about food, desire food, but once I ate it, I realized it was much better in my mind than in my mouth. Also, I was very aware of being a stress eater. Now I feel much calmer about food. I have strategies to help me so I am not constantly thinking about food … This program is really making me think and work in a whole different way! And yet it's so forgiving ... an inch at a time if needed ... I love it! ... I have to say that the materials are fantastic - there is so much gold there to mine! You are empathetic and supportive and creative and challenging. I appreciate all that so much… There's a ton of excellent content here. A lot to learn and try and do. Be prepared to work for success. It's so worth it! THANK YOU SO MUCH FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART DR. MELISSA! You're amazing and you're doing a wonderful service for women like me!

JulieKent, Washington          

​The diet industry would go out of business if everyone did your program! . . . This program is about WAY more than food. It is transformative and about making life more pleasurable. . . I have struggled with emotional eating and mindless eating in some form since I was little, and I am in my 40’s now. Now though, I have a ton of tools and resources to use to help me. I could go on for pages about how valuable all of this has been. And when I think of all the money I have spent on food over the years (food that I didn’t savor), well it’s SO WORTH ANY MONEY. It’s an investment in myself.


I'm a successful woman that always attains my goals - there must be a reason why I'm not successful with this one thing! I've spent a LOT of money on "diets" that don't work and I’ll admit to being worried that this would be another thing I spent money on that wouldn’t work in the long run. I’m happy to share that I feel amazing right now. Even though I'm only on Module 2, this program has so far given me so much more than peace with food. I'm so happy and centered and unstressed - I've never felt like this before. I've never made myself and the things that give me joy a priority before and it feels amazing.

I could never figure out “why” I overeat. Why is this the one thing in my life I couldn't stick to and accomplish? Your Missing Peace really addresses this and helps you find what will work for you individually. Other diet programs tell you what to do, and you feel like a failure when you can't stick to it. I highly recommend the program. The lessons are like nothing I've ever heard before. If you've ever wondered why you can't stick to a diet even when you really want to, and have known that you are an emotional eater this is for you. If you're ready to commit to the program, it is going to really open up some doors for you. It will give you a new outlook on yourself and your life.

MaryBellvue, Colorado         

​I started a new program to control the beginnings of diabetes. Oh what a difference after our work together! I’m able to follow the plan with no problems and no desire for any of my old comfort foods (which are terrible for blood sugar)! There is no sense of angst or fear or compulsion. This NEVER would have happened before working with you . . . I’m so glad I followed my intuition and did them. I can’t thank you enough.


I was stuck! Stuck being unhappy about my choices. Food was the way I coped sometimes. . . Your class taught me to recognize the problem at hand that makes me want to eat, and then gave me the tools to handle it.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. Of course, to get results - you have to take the steps. My guarantee: Work through the program as described. If after following the program, as described, you haven't developed new habits, skills, and strategies that create better success with overeating, contact me within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Or make 3 monthly payments of $179

30 Day Satisfaction Policy for your Peace of Mind. Click here to learn more.

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JulieKent, Washington          

​The diet industry would go out of business if everyone did your program! . . . This program is about WAY more than food. It is transformative and about making life more pleasurable. . . I have struggled with emotional eating and mindless eating in some form since I was little, and I am in my 40’s now. Now though, I have a ton of tools and resources to use to help me. I could go on for pages about how valuable all of this has been. And when I think of all the money I have spent on food over the years (food that I didn’t savor), well it’s SO WORTH ANY MONEY. It’s an investment in myself.

MaryBellvue, Colorado         

​I started a new program to control the beginnings of diabetes. Oh what a difference after our work together! I’m able to follow the plan with no problems and no desire for any of my old comfort foods (which are terrible for blood sugar)! There is no sense of angst or fear or compulsion. This NEVER would have happened before working with you . . . I’m so glad I followed my intuition and did them. I can’t thank you enough.