Help for Emotional Eaters Who Have Had Weight Loss Surgery

Many people have asked me over the years why I work with women who’ve had weight loss surgery.  I’ve not had bariatric surgery myself.  What I have done, is spend my entire professional life working with women who struggle with their eating and with their weight.

As a psychologist, I’ve seen all sorts of outcomes after weight loss surgery—including seeing women who invested their heart, soul, and a good deal of money, only to find themselves still struggling with weight and overeating.  I’ve known too many women who felt guilty, lost hope, and even blamed themselves (which only makes the problem worse).

If you are someone who has had a bariatric procedure,  you’ve heard that bariatric surgery is only a tool. What I remind my clients is that it’s also only ONE tool. Weight loss surgery isn’t the complete tool kit. Creating peace with food often takes more than a physical procedure.  It requires learning how to use a whole new set of tools to address the emotional reasons that trigger many women to turn to food—stress, boredom, frustration—even a need for comfort or a need to celebrate.

Updated program information: For those of you who have had weight loss surgery of any type and continue to struggle with emotional eating and overeating, The Emotional Eating Rescue Plan for Smart, Busy Women is a great resource. For more in depth, tools and help, I recommend my Peace with Food Program. You can learn more about it here.

Emotional eating after weight loss surgery is such an important issue. Please share this information with others who might benefit.



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Emotional Eating Coaching Program

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