How to feel more motivated and inspired

Yesterday I spoke with someone who has struggled with overeating for as long as she can remember. She’s tired, frustrated, and feeling like nothing she tries sticks. Her goal (the number she’d like to see on the scale) seems so far away, and, as she said, it feels like she can spend twelve hours doing the “right” things, only to “mess them all up” in thirty minutes of overeating. She’s tired, overwhelmed, and feeling incredibly uninspired to keep trying.

Have you ever felt this way?

It’s easy to focus on the screw ups, the things we didn’t do, the mistakes we made, the stuff we mindlessly ate. In fact, our brain is wired to notice the negative far more easily than the positive steps we take. Add a dash of perfectionism to the mix (the idea that if we don’t do all the right things, we’ve failed), and the path to end overeating can really come to feel like a grueling, draining, uphill climb.

Breaking this cycle of negativity is key to feeling better and creating momentum and ongoing motivation. Tackling overeating can feel lighter – really. Check out my tenth strategy to stop overeating.

In the video:

  • Why trying to change your eating can feel so heavy
  • What to do to naturally build motivation, inspiration, and confidence when you want to stop overeating
  • How to stay positive and in action, even if your goal feels a long way away

Talk soon,

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