How to figure out why you overeat (so you can take control)

Figuring out why you overeat is important if you want to solve or change your eating habits in a lasting way. Once you’re able to address the root cause – and take care of what’s driving your cravings and your overeating – real peace with food and freedom from old patterns becomes possible.

While that all makes sense, it can be tricky to get clear on why you’re overeating, especially if you’re battling old habits, mindless eating, or cravings and urges that just feel automatic. That’s exactly why I’m sharing this video today. This is part one in a series called Ten Strategies to Stop Overeating.

Today I’m covering three ways to figure out why you overeat.

What does overeating have to do with light bulbs?

How can pretending help you figure out what’s triggering you to overeat?

These are just a few things you’ll learn.

Talk soon,

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