How to use self-care to tackle overeating

What does self-care have to do with overeating?

Quite a bit, actually.

If you’ve found yourself caught in cycles with overeating or cravings that always come back, or an urge to overeat that keeps tripping you up, chances are you haven’t yet found a way to tackle the real underlying reason that food has power in your life.

Stress eating, comfort eating, eating from boredom, even eating for pleasure, are all ways we use food to feed other desires, needs and cravings. When the root cause of overeating isn’t addressed, the cravings are never fully satisfied, and they always return.

In this video, I’ve got important information to share about the link between self-care (or a lack of it) and overeating, as well as a simple challenge you can use to begin to cut off the power source that overeating or emotional eating may be using to fuel themselves in your life.

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