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How to Put Yourself First: The 7 Day Blast Off Program–Fit Yourself In Without Being Selfish!

Learning how to prioritize yourself and how to claim time for your goals is critical for long term success with weight loss and fitness, but staying on track, finding the time, and maintaining motivation can be major challenges when you are trying to develop new habits. Do your plans for healthy eating, exercise, making time for yourself, and self-care activities slide off your to-do list? Do you struggle to figure out how to fit it all in to your already busy schedule? The truth is, when your wellbeing isn’t a priority, just about everything goes downhill. When you don’t devote time and energy to your needs and your health, you have less energy and motivation to follow through on your goals. You are more easily distracted and many people turn to “vices” to fill in the gaps that aren’t being filled in quality ways. Stress eating and other kinds of emotional eating, smoking, drinking too much, wasting time surfing the internet—these are a few things that tend to show up, waste your time and energy, distract you, and contribute to a vicious cycle of decreased happiness and less effectiveness.

Okay, I get it. It’s important to make time for ME. But how does that happen when I’m already overbooked, stressed and overwhelmed?

I hear you. I’m Dr. Melissa McCreery. I’m a psychologist, author, coach, and a business owner. I have two sons, a husband I love to spend time with, and lots of responsibilities to take care of. I’m busy too. But I’ve learned (usually the hard way), that when I prioritize time for me and for my goals and needs, I am more productive and effective in my life. I’m more fun to be around and more focused on the moment at hand. When I’m thriving, those around me tend to thrive too. I function at a higher level and I also model quality self-care for those I care about. It’s a win-win.

That said, knowing what to do, and actually putting that knowledge into action can be two very different things. I know that as busy business owners, mothers, partners, and friends, it can be all-to-easy for our own priorities to fall off our radar.

How do I to find the time to put myself first? What about everything and everyone that depends on me?

This may be the number one question I hear from new clients (and friends, and relatives, and many busy women I know). Figuring out how to carve out me-time and prioritize your needs can seem like an unsolvable puzzle. But here’s the important truth–it’s not.

It’s actually possible to take care of your responsibilities AND take care of yourself. When it’s done well, everyone wins. And not only do you live a life aligned with what’s important to you, you perform at a higher level, play a bigger game, and shine even brighter.

How to Put Yourself First: A 7 day Blast-off Program that Shows You How to Fit Yourself In–Without Being Selfish

What if you had a simple, straightforward plan for getting on track? A method for staying connected with yourself? What if you could claim time for YOU without feeling guilty, or like you were neglecting something that was more important? How would it feel to start ditching self-blame, perfectionism that keeps you stuck, and start learning to treat yourself as nicely as you probably treat the rest of the world? What would change if you could put yourself first?

The 7 Day Blast-off Plan takes you from stuck to ACTION!

Follow the short do-able action steps each day and by the end of one week:
  • You will be regularly taking time out of your busy life just for you. I’ll show you how to start breaking the habit of neglecting yourself and how to prioritize your own needs even when you are time-crunched.
  • You’ll be talking back to perfectionism and other mindset traps that may have sabotaged you in the past–you know–the voices that tell you you don’t have time, you don’t deserve it, you aren’t good enough, or “there are more important things to do.”
  • You’ll know how to identify the valuable places where you want to spend your time and energy, and you’ll know how to move forward without overwhelming yourself.
  • You will have a plan to fuel yourself so that you create more energy and are less likely to binge or resort to stress eating.
  • You’ll have a set of strategies and tools for keeping yourself at the top of your priority list–where you belong!

Want Specifics? Here’s Just a Bit of What I Cover in this Program:
  • A simple question that you can ask when you feel stuck or unmotivated or off-track that has the potential to shift things–BIG time!
  • Quick and easy ways to shift your mindset from guilt and self-blame to a place where you can take effective action.
  • What I believe is the single biggest and best thing you can do for yourself if you want to put yourself first (and why you’ll be sabotaging yourself if you don’t do this).
  • The “million dollar question” you should always ask when you feel like you aren’t getting where you want to go.
  • How to sort through your priorities, declutter your mind, and design a plan of action for YOU that doesn’t overwhelm you or seem too daunting.

What is the 7 Day Blast-off? How Does it Work?

No fluff, filler or time wasters. No big book to read and forget about on your night stand. You’ll get down to business right away thanks to the directions you’ll receive via short (10-15 minute), daily audios. Download these to your computer or mp3 player and listen to them daily. These daily blasts get right to the point with the actions you’ll benefit from most. It’s easy to get distracted, so my short daily emails will help you keep your mission, and the Blast-off “front of mind.” Finally, you’ll have daily Blueprint Sheets that show you how to start applying the information from the audios IMMEDIATELY.

Here’s What Blast-off Participants are Saying:

“This program is very powerful and I would recommend it to anyone.”

“Mission Accomplished Big Time!”

“Totally loved the program. Have been in a great mood all week just from Putting Myself First. My energy has increased and people are noticing. My friends are contacting me more because I am happier with myself.”

“My self esteem has increased from focusing on myself. This is powerful and naturally builds confidence which is much more sustainable.”

“I am calmer throughout the day!”

“Well done!”

“(This program) filled in some pieces I didn’t know I even needed to think about or identify.”

“I have already started sharing this program with others!”

Ready to Put Yourself First WITHOUT Being Selfish?

Here’s what you get when you enroll in the Blast-off:

  • Daily Audio Motivation

    Every morning you’ll wake up to a short, sweet, easy to apply audio in your email. Download these to your phone, mp3 player, or just listen on your computer. I’m going to walk you through 7 days of making powerful and impactful changes.

  • A Daily Reminder Email

    A daily reminder email will reinforce the audios you receive each morning and remind you later in the day about the action steps that you are taking and the new habits that you are working hard to create.

  • Blueprint Sheets

    Get into action quickly, stay accountable and create your own blueprint for ongoing success. These simple do-it-yourself templates will help you apply the information and activities from each daily audio and customize them to your life.

  • BONUS!

    Two weeks of follow up. I’ll follow up by email after the program has ended. Your Blast-off is 7 days, but my mission is to show you how to stay on track and to learn lasting ways to make and take time that’s good for you!

Are you ready to Blast-off? Learn How to Put Yourself First: The 7 Day Blast-off

  • Start claiming Me-time
  • Learn my approach to crafting a mindset that allows you to take excellent care of yourself AND take care of your other needs and priorities
  • Find out how to stop feeling overwhelmed by the idea of taking good care of you–how to create action steps that move you forward but don’t exhaust you
  • Identify holes in how you are fueling yourself and start making changes
  • Get clear on what you need to take action, feel better, and stay on track
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