How to Reclaim Your Mojo AND Unleash Your Inner Champion

Another Free Smart Woman’s Teleseminar

(plus short audio tips for those of you with not-enough-time to listen)

j0438467Life is simply TOO SHORT to be not getting where you want to go–or–to not be enjoying the ride. I’m on a mission this summer to promote thriving and to show you that it’s possible–even with a lot on your plate.

I hope you’ll sign up to hear my message–and to be one of the first to hear about a brand new program that begins in August. When you sign up, you’ll have a variety of formats to choose from to experience this material. Come to the teleseminar live (it takes place Wednesday, July 21 at noon Pacific, 1pm Mountain, 2pm Central and 3pm Eastern). Listen via phone or online. Access the recording after the call. OR, if you are just too darn busy to make it through a sixty minute recording (even though it’s going to be packed with great information), I’ll be sending out short, sweet audios that cover one point or action item at a time.

The content will vary, depending on how you choose to tune in, but here are the main points I’ll be covering in the teleseminar:

In this teleseminar, you will learn:

  • What every high-achieving woman needs before she jumps into action
  • Why hard work isn’t enough and other minefields that can sabotage you
  • How to amp up your motivation for getting healthier or making healthy lifestyle changes
  • How to create a THRIVING lifestyle (amidst your busy life and work) that feels do-able and fulfilling

(… and much more)

Go here to sign up and get all the information about how to attend.

Take good care,


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