Could this reduce your overeating by half?

Overeating that is based on pleasure, is one thing. Unfortunately, it’s likely that many of the extra calories you eat are calories you don’t really savor, enjoy, or even feel good about.

Did you know that your thinking can motivate you to overeat? In fact, there is one mindset that high achievers fall prey to that can cause one little extra bite to lead to thousands of extra calories. Fortunately, you can also use your thinking to reduce your overeating.

All-or-nothing thinking is the mindset that you have to get things perfect in order to be successful. And if you don’t get things just right, you’ve blown it – and you might as well give up or admit defeat, until you can get motivated to start over again.

Does this sound familiar? All-or-nothing thinking is responsible for a lot of extra calories ingested, leftovers finished, bags of junk food emptied, and pants that don’t fit.

Can you relate?

Overeating – even binge eating – doesn’t have to lead to a downward spiral.

Here’s a smart, simple strategy that you can use to, possibly, reduce your overeating by half.

What I love about this approach is that it is very simple and it’s something you can do immediately. It doesn’t add stress or overwhelm but it definitely can cut calories.

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