How to solve the overeating puzzle

We live in a world that encourages women to diet, to go without, and then to blame themselves when these plans lead to failure and vicious cycles. It’s time for this to end. Permanently.

That starts by making sure you have all the pieces necessary to solve the overeating puzzle.

Pieces you don’t need: more willpower, discipline, and a wet noodle to lash yourself with.

The key pieces to creating freedom from overeating:

  1. Owning your mindset: Mindset Freedom
  2. Creating an empowering relationship with food: Food Freedom
  3. Getting serious about what you need (not what you will do) to create lasting change: Forever Freedom

Mindset Freedom

Most people skip this step and jump right into making changes with how they eat, but the truth is, your mindset – your thoughts, beliefs, and the stories you tell yourself – have everything to do with your mood, your motivation, your focus on your goal, and whether or not you succeed.

In Your Missing Peace: The Coaching Club, and divorcing deprivation thinking are some of the first steps we take. Because nothing sets you up for self-sabotage faster than a plan that oozes self-sacrifice. Ditching the negative stories and corralling your inner critic both open up space for you to reclaim your confidence, your spark, and your trust in yourself. Losing the emotional baggage, self-blame, and doing things the hard way, and giving yourself permission to lean into your strengths, talents, and unique style changes everything.

The journey is at least as important as the destination. Your mindset has everything to do with whether you’re creating freedom or a gilded cage that leaves you yearning for cheat days.

Food Freedom

In Your Missing Peace, we start by weighing what matters and I suggest you do the same. Begin taking the time to connect the dots. Get curious about the reasons and triggers for your overeating and emotional eating. Focus on what needs attention and what needs compassion so you can break the cycle of overeating instead of constantly needing to stand strong against it.

It takes trial and error (goodbye, inner-perfectionist!), but you can lose the urge to overeat. Permit yourself to seek out the tools and strategies for addressing the root causes of your eating – the difficult feelings and the situations that trigger you – instead of listening to that inner voice that tells you you should just tough it out. There are better ways.

And there are better ways than crazy or overly strict food plans. At first, when you leave diets and diet thinking behind, you might find yourself in a vacuum, feeling like you don’t know how to eat or think about food if you aren’t going to do it the “old way.” One reason mindset work is so important is that true freedom from overeating only happens when you learn to reconnect with your inner wisdom and the way of eating that works for you, your life, and your goals. Sound impossible? It really isn’t. I’ve outlined the entire approach and a straightforward set of strategies that put you back in the driver’s seat with food in Your Missing Peace: The Coaching Club. Combined with the Food Freedom Coaching Calls, this is a great environment for retraining your brain and your habits to approach food in a completely different way – one where you call the shots.

Forever Freedom

We’re often good at starting, and at setting ourselves up to do hard things – for as long as we can. But just about every woman I talk to is ready to stop starting over. Creating Forever Freedom is that piece of the puzzle that focuses on transforming old vicious cycles into a vibrant lifestyle – one that fits you as well as your new favorite pants.

Forever freedom means you’ve promoted yourself to CEO of your wellbeing. A CEO focuses on building the habits and shifting her thinking and beliefs in ways that put her in control of her time, energy, and wellbeing instead of feeling constantly reactive, like she’s chasing her to-do list, and can never fit herself in (and overeating as a result).

Forever freedom means permission to be yourself. Instead of hoping you can follow some plan perfectly, you’re moving forward with an approach that acknowledges that challenges, hurdles, and unexpected events are real. Life will be busy and stressful so solving your overeating puzzle includes having resources that support you when life goes sideways or when you don’t know what to do next. Forever Freedom includes giving yourself permission to seek support and ask for help. You deserve a real plan that addresses your real life. How radical is that?

Solving the overeating puzzle isn’t rocket science, but it can feel complex.

The pieces overlap. Our behaviors and choices are influenced by our thoughts, and daily events can set the tone for both.

Creating Freedom from Overeating often feels like a dance between and amongst mindset work, food freedom creation, and fine-tuning as you go, for lasting results. This is exactly why I’ve tailored Your Missing Peace: The Coaching Club to partner with you on the journey.

We’re combining coaching, strategy, and community in a format designed to help you solve your overeating puzzle. If you’re ready for a system to help you put these puzzle pieces together, I hope you’ll join us. Early bird bonuses expire tomorrow. Go here to learn more.

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Emotional Eating Coaching Program

Your Missing Peace: The Coaching Club is the group coaching program where smart women discover their power to create freedom from overeating and peace with food – with more ease and joy than they ever thought possible.

If you’re a smart, busy, high-achiever who’s tired of going in circles with overeating and emotional eating, and you're ready to create results that last, check out The Club today!

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