How to stop overeating at night

If you’re like many smart, busy women, you may find that overeating at night is one of your biggest challenges.  Many women struggle with overeating, emotional eating, and bingeing in the evening after working so hard to stay on track all day.

For many women, evening is the time that is theirs. When everything is done and everyone else is taken care of, the end of the day may be the time when it finally feels like you get to pay attention to yourself.

The problem is, that by the time evening rolls around, you’re probably out of energy or motivation to do a lot of wonderful self-care – even if it is your only chance. This is one of the reasons that overeating at night is such a temptation. Food is quick, accessible, easy, and it feels and tastes good. It’s something you might use to reward yourself, to calm down, perk up, or just numb out after a long and challenging day.

On top of everything else, the end of the day is also a time when willpower is usually pretty depleted.

Tackling overeating at night is entirely possible – if you take the right approach. What definitely won’t work are plans that require you to be rested, rejuvenated, and full of resolve, and self-discipline.

Check out this video tip for a different way of looking at things and some strategies that work much better than willpower.

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