How to Succeed At Personal Change – Making It Last

success_sign_czhlAnyone who has ever tried to lose weight, get fit, journal regularly, meditate, be more patient, or get organized knows that it’s one thing to set the goal or even sign up for a program or buy a book. Creating deep, lasting changes that feel authentic and compatible with who you are? That’s a whole different ball game.

Change is definitely NOT a one shot deal. It’s a process—one with multiple stages. Lifestyle change—changing habits and behaviors and reactions that we may have had for a very long time—can be even more complicated.

What’s the difference between a “serial goal setter” (or yo-yo dieter, chronic gym joiner, etc.) and someone who succeeds? Not a whole lot. In fact, sometimes “being successful” is something we totally overthink and work so hard at that it actually gets in our way. Sometimes, the key difference can be as subtle as a mindset shift or focusing your attention in a different way.

Are you ready to stop struggling and start thriving? Here are four areas that you might want to focus on:

Be willing to change it up

If you want to change something, then the same-old-same-old obviously isn’t working. If past attempts at change have failed, then the way you’ve been trying to make this change hasn’t worked well either. This sounds obvious, but it’s an important point. Far too many people (usually high-achievers) sink themselves before they even start because they tell themselves that they haven’t succeeded yet because they haven’t worked hard enough. And so they start off with the same old plan once again—and push themselves harder.

All “hard work” is not created equal. While big changes sometimes take considerable effort, “hard work,” done with the correct tools and in a way that “fits” you is usually not half as much struggle as trying to do something difficult in a way that doesn’t really work for you, without the tools and “equipment” that you need.

Think about all the difficult things you’ve accomplished in your life. The ones that worked (and where YOU were willing to work), because you were passionate about the project or the goal truly fit you, or the reason you were working was so darn compelling that you wanted to keep going.

If you want to make lifestyle changes that last, you must be open to changing it up and not necessarily reusing the same tired plan of attack. Be open to new approaches and to the idea that you might not get to the finish line in the exact way you are currently imagining. In fact, it might even be easier and more fun than you are planning on.

In my next post I’ll be sharing with you a few more tips to help you be more successful at achieving your goals AND have a more enjoyable time doing it.

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