How you can short-circuit that urge to overeat

Triggers for overeating can be powerful. Smart women get frustrated when they find themselves mindlessly eating food they don’t want – especially when they aren’t sure how to take their control back.

Not to worry though, overeating triggers can be beaten.

Here’s how to short-circuit that urge to overeat:

A trigger is something that elicits a reaction. So, for instance, you might feel stress, and automatically reach for something to eat.

A triggered reaction is different from a purposeful decision. When we act purposefully, we assess the situation, we evaluate our choices, and then we decide how to respond.

In the situation above, when we move out of autopilot and get perspective, it’s easier to see that eating isn’t going to help with the stress. If we’re not in the heat of the moment, we also have the opportunity to make a plan. Being able to see the trigger approaching and having a strategy that addresses the stress (or whatever the trigger is) gives you your power back.

The proactive process that breaks overeating patterns includes:

  1. Identifying or anticipating the triggers (I am feeling stressed right now, or This is likely to be a stressful day – especially this afternoon.)

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  1. Consciously breaking the link between the trigger and the urge to overeat. Autopilot overeating happens when there’s either a lack of awareness about what’s going on (mindless eating), or, there’s a belief that somehow, food will take care of you – by helping with a feeling, easing frustration, numbing you, or something else. When you reset your mindset away from believing that overeating is the answer, everything starts to change.

Triggered overeating is a reaction. To break the cycle of autopilot reacting you need to engage your mind.

Using a Mindset Reset to Short-circuit Overeating Triggers

Much of the time, automatic thoughts guide urges to overeat.

I’m stressed so I need a doughnut

I had an awful day, I deserve a bigger helping

I’m not going to make it through this day without chocolate

A mindset reset is a deliberate process of pausing and checking in with your beliefs, thoughts, and feelings; taking inventory of your needs, and proactively strategizing or making a conscious choice. A mindset reset is the process of assessing the situation, evaluating your choices, and then deciding how to respond.

When we’re busy, what we really need is a simple, time-efficient process to make sure we’re focused on what’s really important and that we have a plan to take care of our needs – even when life is demanding.

The best time to address overeating triggers is NOT when you’re in their midst

Take some time with the Top Ten Overeating Triggers Guide to identify your most common overeating triggers.

Now set aside ten-fifteen minutes at the start of your day. Use this time, when you’re fresh, to check in with yourself and to anticipate challenges or potential triggers in the day ahead.

  • What are your priorities for the day?
  • Where might you, or your eating, get sidetracked?
  • How do you want to show up and meet the challenges you’ll face?
  • How can you be purposeful and planful now, so you are less likely to be triggered in the moment?
  • How can you take care of your feelings and needs today in ways that aren’t related to eating?

Creating a consistent practice of proactively creating the mindset and the approach you want for your day is one of the most important acts you can take to create peace with food and freedom from overeating. It’s the key to ending the experience of being triggered to overeat.

Talk soon,

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