I did it! Small steps really DO create success

As of today, the members-only online forum is open for those who registered at www.yourholidayhealthclub.com and all the fun really starts November 5 with the Get-on-track teleseminar. I’m so thrilled. I’ve wanted to put together a program like this for a long time—one to help people not just survive, but thrive during the holiday season while at the same time staying on track with eating and weight loss goals.

When I first envisioned doing something like Your Holiday Health Club the idea of all that it involved overwhelmed me. Launching this 8 week program for staying on track with eating and weight loss is truly a testament to the power of taking small steps. If someone had told me a year ago that I’d be able to offer an online forum where people could post and answer questions, get support, declare their goals and hold themselves accountable, I’d have been skeptical. But taking one step at a time, knowing where I wanted to go, I accumulated the skills, the resources, and the technical help to create not just that one piece, but a breadth of resources that have come together very nicely into a program I’m really proud of.

Ironically, that’s the intent of the program itself: Take what is arguably one of the busiest and most stressful times of year—filled with food temptations—and provide lots of easy-to-use resources so that people can get clear on their goals and their priorities and stay on track as they navigate, and hopefully enjoy, the holiday season. Do it by taking small steps that build a sense of competence and don’t overwhelm you, and maybe make some good friends along the way. That’s my vision, and today I get to celebrate that it’s really happening!

By the way, if you are interested in joining, there’s still time, but the sooner you join us, the sooner you can take advantage of the club. Update: registration for this program is now closed.

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Emotional Eating Coaching Program

Your Missing Peace: The Coaching Club is the group coaching program where smart women discover their power to create freedom from overeating and peace with food – with more ease and joy than they ever thought possible.

If you’re a smart, busy, high-achiever who’s tired of going in circles with overeating and emotional eating, and you're ready to create results that last, check out The Club today!

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