Indulging and weight loss: an important connection

Will you allow me an observation? Too often, when the focus is losing weight, people get overly focused on what they are going to give up and don’t give enough thought to how they will indulge.

One of the reasons that diets don’t work (and there are many) is that diets create a mindset of deprivation. No one likes to live in a state of doing without. Very few people can maintain that feeling of deprivation successfully for the long term—who would want to? Weight loss plans that are structured around deprivation tend to fail. Sometimes the rebound from a deprivation diet leaves the dieter more overweight than when s/he started.

An essential concept I stress with my clients is that of indulgence. Our spirits, our senses, and our needs need to be FED. Whenever we consider taking something away from our lives that has been meeting some kind of need (as overeating or emotional eating does for many), it is crucial to consider what the replacement will be.

If you are trying to change your eating habits or lose weight, I challenge you to ask yourself how you do plan to indulge. If it’s not going to be chocolate or fast food anymore (and I’m not saying those indulgences ever really did the job they were intended to), than what WILL it be?

Your answer will be unique to you. It might be something you really need to think about. It must be something that really feels like a treat, a reward, or a comfort.

It’s so easy to skip this step and attempt to move forward with the sole spirit of determination. I urge you not to do it. Add indulgence to your game plan and you are likely to go a lot farther.

Take good care,

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