A few days ago a friend forwarded this video on to me from Youtube. It was posted by the Silver Grey Sports Club.

I’m not a big video watcher, but if you want inspiration, this is it!

Long story short, it’s so easy to make excuses, or to tell ourselves what we want to do just isn’t possible. Yes, we’re all busy, we all get tired, and we’re all getting older. Sometimes it feels easiest just to sit on the couch with a bowl of ice cream. Sometimes it feels like crafting a solution or creating success is just not going to be possible.

In case you haven’t already seen this video, I want to introduce you to Charles Eugster. He’s 95 years old and he just happened to shock the world (and the internet) last week when he broke the 200 meter sprint world record time in his age group.

Check it out.

I know, right? And get this. Charles had only been training for “about a year.” This 95 year old is not only running, he’s competing and breaking records.

We totally underestimate what we are capable of.

I don’t know Charles Eugster but I do know that we are all capable of amazing things when we (pardon the pun) start putting one foot in front of the other and taking step after do-able step.

Success with your goals starts with you taking that first step in the direction you want to go – however teeny tiny it may seem at the time.

Breaking free from cycles with overeating and overwhelm is like that too.

This video really is great, and your assignment is to just watch it.

Come on…do it now!

Take good care,

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