Letting your heart lead

I have an invitation for you. Actually, I have two.

First, I invite you to stop for a moment and place your hand over your heart. Readjust until you can feel it beating. Close your eyes for a few seconds and just be with it. Feel your heartbeat, the peacefulness of it, its constancy.

Know that it’s always there. Automatic, in the background, doing just what it needs to do. We can go about our business, think about other things, and not have to stay vigilant to maintain the beat. We don’t wake up every morning feeling a need to plan so our heart will pump the blood through our bodies. Our heart works for us. Our heart works with us.

Have you ever wished that a good, healthy relationship with food could be this steady, this constant, this automatic and without thought or effort?

Sometimes, for smart, busy women, it’s actually overeating that feels automatic and persistent, but we can reverse that. Feel your beating heart and allow yourself to imagine yourself creating that ease and simplicity with food and eating. Doesn’t that sound good?

Here’s my second invitation:

I’ve created a short week-long course called The Heart of Overeating. I designed it to be the next logical step in teaching you how to take your power back from food, overeating, and emotional eating. It’s all online and includes five lessons, a library of videos, and a private community. We start on May 20 and I’d like to invite you to attend – at no cost.

Here’s just some of what we’ll cover:

  • The reason food has the power that it does in your life – and how to take the reins back.
  • What your Hidden Hungers are (hint: they aren’t for food!), what they say about you, and how they can point you toward peace with food and freedom from overeating.
  • The most strategic, effective place for you to begin making changes and how to understand your individual Hidden Hunger profile.
  • How to let go of guilt and frustration when overeating has been a pattern; how to break the pattern, and end struggles with food.

Our private community is already active – filling up with women who are ready to get to the heart of things. I hope you’ll join us!

Just go here to reserve your seat.

Hope to see you there,

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Emotional Eating Coaching Program

Your Missing Peace: The Coaching Club is the group coaching program where smart women discover their power to create freedom from overeating and peace with food – with more ease and joy than they ever thought possible.

If you’re a smart, busy, high-achiever who’s tired of going in circles with overeating and emotional eating, and you're ready to create results that last, check out The Club today!

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