One Big Reason That Smart Women Don’t Lose Weight

Smart women struggle with overeating and weight. Busy smart women struggle even more.

It’s not motivation.  It’s not an intelligence issue.  And it’s certainly not about ability.  Even after addressing mindsets that sabotage weight loss and healthy lifestyle change, many women tell me that they still can’t get where they want to go in this one (very frustrating) area of their lives.

One of the biggest culprits?  They don’t have a plan.  They have an idea of what they’ll do.  They have a strategy (“I’ll cut out dessert and go to the gym.”), and they have a goal.  What they are lacking is a plan for how to make it all work—for them.

We, busy women, tend to neglect figuring out how to fit ourselves and our personal needs and desires into our busy lives.  We recognize the need for scheduling everything else. Many of us are tethered to our Blackberry and our calendar.  The problem—too many of us don’t work ourselves into the schedule.  We expect to get to our needs “when there’s time.” When does THAT ever happen?

Want to lose weight or get healthier?

•   Honor your goals and your plans. Take them seriously.
•    Get quiet. Take time to sit and think about what you need to be successful.  What will work for you?
•    Write it down. Don’t carry your goals and your plans around in your head. Treat your healthy lifestyle goals with the seriousness and respect that you apply to a major professional project.
•    Schedule yourself. Don’t skip this step (you’ll probably be tempted to).  Schedule your workouts, your menu planning time, AND your play and fun.  Claim the time you need to be successful.

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