One please – and no drama

Change doesn’t require drama. You don’t need a gigantic burst of energy or enthusiasm. A complete, all-at-once life overhaul is rarely possible and isn’t necessary. Change can be quiet and easy.

A small step can be all it takes to begin to turn the tide. One small step.

Choosing a glass of water instead of soda.

Pausing to take a deep breath and noticing that your stress is mounting – so you can choose what to do next instead of blindly reacting.

Putting on music when you get home from work and allowing your mood to shift – instead of heading directly for the refrigerator.

Acknowledging that you aren’t really enjoying it and then choosing not to finish the bowl of ice cream (just because it’s there).

Starting your day with five minutes just for you.

Saying no – no explanation necessary.

Just for today – choosing to acknowledge what you do well instead of dwelling on what you’re dissatisfied with.

One small step, one small choice is often all it takes to begin a shift. When you shift the direction of your thoughts and actions, taking the next step, and the next, gets progressively easier.

You don’t need to see the whole path to start moving toward your destination.

Focus on your next step. Keep it small. Keep it doable. And just take it.

We’ve got this!

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