Overeating and Perfectionism – how to get out of the trap

Perfectionism is such a waste of time and energy. It’s also a trap. When we’re stuck in perfectionism (also known as all or nothing thinking), we’re never good enough, we can never relax, and we’re always wondering how long we can keep it up, if “it” is good enough, and when we’re going to “fail.” It’s definitely not a part of the recipe for creating peace with food.

When it comes to overeating, perfectionism makes everything harder (or impossible), blasts our confidence, and leads us to eat more – both from the stress it creates and the extra eating that happens after you’ve “blown it” and your perfectionist whispers, “Well, you blew it anyway, might as well finish that (fill in the blank).”

How can you break the hold of perfectionism and stop feeling like you’ve blown it? Here’s my take on that:

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