Overeating help: what to do about hunger

Personal question here: What kind of relationship do you have with hunger?

Are you tired of fighting with hunger, or following food plans that leave you feeling deprived, or maybe you’re overeating and not even sure if you’re hungry and full anymore? Maybe it’s a topic – or a state – that you like to avoid.

If you’re an emotional eater or you’ve been on the weight loss hamster wheel for a while, you probably have a tangled up relationship with hunger.

Diets teach you to deny hunger, and mindlessly following food plans or weight loss advice can put you out of touch with your own sense of hunger and fullness.

Some people boomerang between getting too hungry and then too full, and others rebel by keeping themselves always full.

Peace with food and freedom from overeating happen when you feed yourself what you really need – not too much and not too little. And that means redesigning your relationship with hunger and fullness.

Let’s talk about what to do with hunger instead of fighting it – and how hunger can help you make peace with food.

In this video:

  • Why your relationship with hunger and fullness might be tangled up
  • How you can redesign your responses to hunger and fullness to create peace with food and to end overeating struggles
  • Specific strategies you can use to shift your relationship with hunger and fullness (and why this is key to ending battles with emotional eating and overeating)

Would you like more help in transforming your relationship with hunger and with food? Check out Your Missing Peace: The Coaching Club.

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