Overeating, Overwhelmed, or Stuck? Declare Your Independence!

In the United States, we’re heading into a long holiday weekend. We’re celebrating the 4th of July, and among other things, the level of freedom and independence we enjoy. These are two big and very powerful values. While we’re celebrating our independence as a nation, I think it’s a great time to take a look at these ideals on a very personal level.
One thing I notice is that too many of us don’t exercise the freedom and independence that we have. Too many women feel stuck in “shoulds” and “have tos” and “I can’t.”
I know too many women who feel:
  • ·  Trapped by their busy schedules and commitments
  • ·  Overloaded by responsibilities and the professional success that they’ve created
  • ·  Unclear on how to get from where they are now  to where they REALLY want to be.
In short, too many women aren’t feeling free and independent and on a path to flourishing and thriving even though they could be.
My challenge to you:
Wherever you live, take a few moments this week to appreciate the freedoms that are available to you. Consider your own life and ask yourself the following question:
Where or how are you feeling trapped or tangled up or stuck?
  • ·  With food or weight?
  • ·  Feeling like you never have any time or energy just for you?
  • ·  Feeling like you can’t find the motivation you need to make an impact?
  • ·  Feeling unsupported or lacking accountability for the things that really mean something to you?
 Where do you need to take a stand and declare your freedom and independence?
Start with the declaration and make it today. Here are some examples:
  • · “I declare that I’m going to do what it takes to make peace with food and stop struggling with overeating.”
  • · “I declare I’m going to start owning my time and scheduling my priorities.”
  • · “I declare I’m going to seek out help with_________.”
Be free and take charge. Stop looking backwards. Drop the self-blame and start taking steps (no matter how small they need to be) towards your destination.
Take very good care,
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