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emotional eating coaching program

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“Today I finish six months of individual coaching with Melissa McCreery. It has been an amazing experience. I sought Melissa’s help in understanding my emotional eating habits. From day one Melissa met me where I was without judgment. Her holistic approach helped me to make connections that I had never considered. She has been my advocate and an anchor during this six month discovery process. Melissa is compassionate and action oriented. She helped me become compassionate toward myself.

She helped me replace my judgmental, perfectionist tendencies with a framework of curiosity. “Just play around with it “she would say. She encouraged me to develop a plan that works for me instead of me working a plan. Wow! What a difference that has made. I now have new tools in my toolbox and a new way of looking at myself and my life. I am coming home to myself. I am awakening to strengths I never knew were there. I am in the driver’s seat. And boy does it feel good!” Private Coaching Client Rebecca C., Virginia


“Working with Melissa is giving me a NEW LIFE! I was stuck and for someone who is used to being very successful despite huge challenges–that was very scary. Coaching with Melissa has enabled me to get unstuck. I need a coach with the psychological expertise and solid experience to help me deal with the many issues holding me back. As a result of Melissa’s teleseminars, materials and especially coaching with Melissa, I don’t live in a state of numbness any longer. I actually feel joy (When I started with Melissa I told her I couldn’t even remember what joy felt like). I have a home that nourishes me. I am starting my own business. I’m developing healthy relationships. I’m emotionally, as well as physically, available for my children. I’m losing weight and saw very significant improvements in my cholesterol and blood sugar levels in only three months! Melissa is helping me get my “life” back! I have never before worked with someone who is so perfectly attuned to busy women and women who have been very successful in their lives. Quite frankly, Melissa knows precisely what makes us tick! It is so refreshing to have her be so “spot on” in her coaching. Therein lies some of the magic as to why coaching with Melissa can be so productive. This was absolutely the best gift I have ever given to myself.” Grace T., Private Coaching Client


“It’s not a coincidence that since working with Melissa I’ve upgraded my wardrobe, maintained my fitness routine without struggle, gotten a huge promotion, not been on a diet of any sort, been doing more creative projects that feed me, cleaned out my office, let go of some draining commitments. I’m more prepared for the holidays than I’ve ever been, I’m deepening some friendships and making new ones while letting go of others that are subtly destructive. I’m putting a few extra minutes into my appearance each day, am keeping the house really nice, am consistently writing. . . . . I’m so grateful to have someone (else) so fully on my side., seeing my best and reminding me of it, helping me be compassionate with myself, cheering me on, challenging me to be myself, helping me explore some parts of myself like the mindless eating that embarrass me, seeing all of this as connected to me and who I am in this world.” Vicki, Private Coaching Client


“I just want to say, that you´re amazing! All the women that I work with and my girlfriends seriously need to know about your work, because it really stands out from the fitness world and most women magazines way of dealing with the food/weight issue. I myself work within the fitness industry and in this world, the things you put words to just seems to be such a taboo and embarrassing subject that nobody brings it up . . . Your way of making emotional eating “normal” and down to earth is so relieving to me – both on a personal but certainly also on a professional level! Thank you!” Noël Winkelmann, Denmark