Plan for Success: The Question to Ask if You Want to Thrive

Thriving means moving forward in the direction that you want to go, making necessary adjustments as you go along, being effective, and enjoying the ride. Thriving requires taking charge of your mind, your body, and your lifestyle so that they work for you.
Thriving means that you are set up for success—not for struggles that get you nowhere, diets that don’t work, or plans to overhaul your life that are too complicated to keep up with.
Whether your mission is to break free from emotional eating, drop those last ten pounds (or the first fifty), declutter your home, destress, or start exercising, there is one critical question that you don’t want to skip if your goal is to thrive.
The question I want you to ask is this: Where is this plan most likely to be challenged or fall apart?
Of course you need to have a plan, but many people err by charging off and implementing their plan fueled on motivation and determination alone. If you do this, you’re likely to go gangbusters for the first days or weeks (the honeymoon phase), only to find yourself faltering, losing “will power” and starting to feel exhausted and less motivated as time goes on.
These are all indications that you have a plan that you are trying to work instead of having a plan that works for you.
So, take the time to create your best plan, either alone or with whatever resources you are using to support and guide you. Then, before you dive in, ask yourself the question. Where is this plan most likely to be challenged or fall apart?
Are you likely to fall behind because you are chronically short on time?
Are you likely to oversleep and miss your planned workout?
Will summer vacation throw things off kilter?
Do your healthy eating plans go south because your coworker loves to bake?
This is a time when it is critical to take off the rose colored glasses and be honest with yourself.
My challenge to you:
Take a look at your current goals or plans and examine them carefully for weak spots. All plans have them. Pick one place that you can make your approach stronger and start implementing it today.
Take good care,
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